April 18 Six & Ten Day Race …..New Goals

The first 24 hours have passed

The night has been cold and windy but dry

Alex and friend Samus

Zoey has 60 miles

Volodymyr has 72 miles and is about to soak his feet

Vasuprada has 57

A 360 view of the race today


Alex has 80

Andrey 72

Ales 75

Ashadeep 64

Andrea 89


Ashprihanal has 115

“Sure doesn’t taste like grass”

Anna with 59


Avanayaha 49


Deveshu 55

Elena 72


Don Winkley 49

Georgs taking a break

Georgs has 53

Fred Davis has 69

Gudrun has 65

Giribhu has 68


Gundega has 67

Heart Garden

Checking the books

Strolling through camp


Ilvaka has 84

Karteek has 64


Laila 69 miles

Milan has 74 miles

Manuela 52 miles


Nataliya 68 miles

Nicolae 105 miles

Nrishata 66 miles

Odgiiv 53 miles


Patanga has 55 miles

Pawei has 95 miles

On the course

Pedrag has 71 miles



Sergey 65 miles

Sergey with 80 miles

Finish line

Sergey with 80 miles

Uddipan and Shardul

Suparna with 64 miles


Vladislav 68 miles

Vinati 64 miles

Each day
I have a new goal,
And this goal
Lives beyond the horizon.

3 thoughts on “April 18 Six & Ten Day Race …..New Goals”

  1. Wow, wonderful video, thank you so much! All runners are so so nice and inspiring 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  2. This is so inspiring and the 360 view is really cool!

    Thank you very much for keeping this site so interesting.

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