Day Before 10 Day Race 2018

Under some very challenging circumstances.  George and Erlinda Biondic set up their tent in Flushing Meadow the day before the start of the 10 Day Race

Overnight and into the morning hours rains were heavy

But Bipin is confident the course will drain by morning

Construction continues

The dugouts are the last of the major building

Once the frame is up a tarp is put over

By noon the sky was clearing

Don Winkley runs tomorrow

Nearly there


A closer look

Fred Davis set his tent on higher ground

Sergey and Andre in dorm

Better conditions

Giving a helping hand

Kitchen getting ready

Rupantar setting up cones to mark course

George and Erlinda

A tight squeeze


Location location location

Lots of helping hands

Will be ready tomorrow

I cry and smile.
I cry astonishingly
When I enter into the human mind.
I smile ceaselessly
When I enter into the human heart.

2 thoughts on “Day Before 10 Day Race 2018”

  1. Hey Utpal, looking forward to your posts.

    Good luck to all runners and helpers.

    Have a most beautiful, inspiring and aspiring race.

  2. Very much looking forward to Utpal’s eye on the race. Spreading oneness all over.Thank you in advance!

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