6 & 10 Day Race Set Up April 15

There are still 2 days before the start of the 10 day race

Bipin and his crew have been working hard now for the past few days getting everything set up

There are many helpers like Dan who have helped with the setup many times

The kitchen at least has a roof

Race director Rupantar

Tents are going up


Ashirvad is running the 10 day

Still lots to do

Helpers looking for the next job

Tent consoltation


Uddipan unloading kitchen supplies

Nipura the chef

Yuyudhan and Daulot


No power just yet

Fred Davis arrives

One of the dorms


The dugout


Rajpal and Sanatan


A not so glorious job

Ashprihanal and Daulot

2 days more

I do not have to be first
In my outer race,
As long as I can do extremely well
In my inner race
Against doubt, worries and anxieties.


2 thoughts on “6 & 10 Day Race Set Up April 15”

  1. Thanks so much Utpal for reporting again! And to all the helpers and organizers for their amazing dedication! Looking very much forward to following the race. So nice to see all the familiar faces. Good luck to all the runners! The weather forecast seems quite tolerable! Maybe next year again ….

    “Participation carries the message
    Of oneness
    And self-transcendence.”
    – Sri Chinmoy

  2. Сайн байцгаана уу, манайхаан. Бид нар өдөр бүр та нарыг харж баясаж, дэмжиж байгаа. Бас Буджаргалд бидний өмнөөс мэнд хүргээд амжилт хүсээрэй. Та нараар маш их бахархах сэтгэл төрж байнаа. 6/10 өдрийн гүйлт энд ч гэсэн ёстой “од” болж байна. Өөрийгөө ялах гүйлтэнд тань бүгдэд нь өндрөөс өндөр амжилт хүсье!!!

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