Category: 3100 Mile Race 2018

  • Day 44… Such An Opportunity (July 30)

    For most of us when we look back at our childhood we are reminded that summer represented back then the ultimate freedom from a long year of school.  Days when you could sleep in, go out and play any time you wanted, and perhaps take a family vacation. It is obvious that this kind of […]

  • Day 43… Sometimes I Am In Heaven (July 29)

    I did not take this dramatic picture that links to the video of today’s interview with William.  To my eye it perfectly represents the incredible ordeal that comes when you have been running 18 hours a day for more than 6 weeks. At the same time, as William has said repeatedly, at this time of […]

  • Day 42… Constant Transcendence (July 28 )

    Sopan starts the day with 2468 miles.  With just 642 more miles to go and a buffer of 25 miles his chances look very good to be able to complete the distance.  He tells me this morning he feels pretty good, which translate into not having severe blister pain. “Which means I can start running.”  […]

  • Day 41… Enthusiasm-Awakeners Anniversary (July 27 )

    *Written by Parvati* I have always loved to sing but had a really difficult time trying to learn Sri Chinmoy’s songs — which were mostly composed in his mother language, Bengali. In 1999, on the Christmas Trip to Brazil, Sri Chinmoy invited me to form a group to learn some of his songs written in […]

  • Day 40…Our Spirituality Is Real (July 26)

    This morning Vasu passed one of his last great milestones before he reaches his finish line early next week.  A handful of people were there ringing small shiny bells and there were enthusiastic shouts and hoorays for him after he completed 2700 miles.  He didn’t slow down or pause for a picture.  He will only […]

  • Day 39… Every Day Is Precious (July 25)

    This morning nothing seemed to be going right.  Weather issues, technical problems, and a general case of the early morning grumbles.  The trajectory of the day was not going up and neither was my drone, due to rain.  Generally it felt, that whatever could go wrong was in fact…. going wrong. My interview schedule was […]

  • Day 38… My Heart’s Loving Oneness (July 24 )

    “I have never run the 3100 mile race but I have always participated from its very inception as a volunteer.” This morning Vajra handed me a short commentary that reflects both his feelings and his long long history with the race. He didn’t write a lot and his words fit into 3 compact paragraphs.  They […]

  • Day 37… This Is Real Life (July 23 )

    “I love it, of course I always loved it when they would sing when I was running.”  Sunday morning I caught up with Suprabha after she had been singing with the Enthusiasm Awakeners singing group.  “It brightens the morning for the runners.” Suprabha has a phenomenal history here at the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.  She […]

  • Day 36… Patience Light (July 22)

    For all those hungry for instant gratification the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race is not for you.  This morning when I proclaim to Ushika the obvious, that this is his 36th day on the course.  He says, “Wow, what a journey.” One thing in addition, that is also obvious about Ushika’s race is that he is […]

  • Day 35… My Life Is Here (July 21)

    Kobi Oren, after several thousand miles and 34 days of running continues to surprise and amaze me.  His focused efforts in the hours he is running on the course is always swift and always powerful. At the same time he is able to give a clear and delicate interpretation to the mystical side of the […]