Day 38… My Heart’s Loving Oneness (July 24 )

“I have never run the 3100 mile race but I have always participated from its very inception as a volunteer.” This morning Vajra handed me a short commentary that reflects both his feelings and his long long history with the race.

He didn’t write a lot and his words fit into 3 compact paragraphs.  They are a collection of humble words coming from a man who has spent his summers for the past 23 years living and breathing the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.

“So many of the runners now have reached a point where their bodies have reached an equilibrium.  Their bodies have gotten used to all the difficulties and they are now pacing themselves till they reach the end.”


“The human spirit as we know it is infinite, limitless, and boundless.  There are many words you can use to express something that is ever transcending.  This race represents exactly that.”

“As long as you have the opportunity to present to people something that will entice them to endure more of what they can unlimitlessly achieve.  This race will always be here to attract those people to run it.”

Vajra believes that Sri Chinmoy created the race, “to get people to believe and understand that there is something within them that is way beyond their own minds capacity to understand, that they are limitless, in every way.”

Asked why he has taken on the most thankless jobs over the years he says, “while I am doing all that, I am actually living through the runners.  I am seeing and feeling what they are seeing and feeling.  I am also, in a way, running in and through them.  This is based just upon my heart’s loving oneness with them.”

“Consequently what they feel I feel.  So this keeps me going.  As long as I have this oneness with them I will be able to continue to run this race and do whatever activities I am called upon to do, as long as the race exists.”

The Board at the Start of Day 38…* Note totals may not be accurate… Magic number is 2,205 miles *

Camp early

Paramartha setting up counting tables

William arrives

Surasa arrives


Kaneenika and Leelavatee




Start Day 38

It will be a good but humid day

Vasu ran 68 miles

He now has 2555 miles

On day 38 he leads Kobi by 67 miles and is predicted to finish on Tuesday next week


Just a little break

Kobi ran 63 miles

He starts the day with 2488 miles

Mid morning he makes another milestone and national record at 2500 miles

With his helper


Good times

Ushika once again had another big day with 65 miles

The Tuesday morning



He now has 2268 miles

With Oscar

A special drink to help blisters


Kodanda playing

Sopan did 58 miles

He now has 2237 miles

From a distance

He leads Surasa by 12 miles


Konstantin making ice packs

Surasa did 60 miles

She now has 2225 miles

Morning mail has arrived

She asks for a picture with Vasuprada

Working on shoes


Larisa and Laila

Kaneenika did 61 miles

She now has 2191 miles.  14 miles under the magic number

With Leelavatee

Preparing snacks

Just needs to maintain this pace


William did 57 miles

He now has 2105 miles

With Alan


Alan getting ice

Smarana did 52 miles

He now has 2100 miles

Getting the bell from Aharan

15 more days of running


Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles

He now has 2026 miles

Larisa counting




Sahishnu delivering the mail

“Good Grief, I did it again.  I missed the start of the race for the 38th day in a row.”

Poem Laila

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Poem Laila

By Parvati’s exhausting efforts this poster is no longer applicable.  Doggy is now at his home and happy.

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Start again.
Be sleeplessly self-giving.
Then God Himself will sign
Your heart’s love-oneness-perfection-letter
To the world.

5 responses to “Day 38… My Heart’s Loving Oneness (July 24 )”

  1. whatching every day (looking 8)). I am the fan of 3100. Need a t-short. How much does it cost?

  2. Vajra! He is truly a jewel in the Supreme’s Crown. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives.

    So that you don’t underestimate what Vajra does every single morning of the race, do this: go out and walk 0.6 miles (nearly 1km) picking up garbage around a public school and park. It is super hard work! And that is only a small part of his service to the runners, the race and the Supreme. I bet people 40 years younger than him couldn’t (and/or wouldn’t) do what he is doing.

    I believe he once told me he collects more than 20 large, heavy garbage bags like the ones he was tossing into the dumpster in the video (hey, New Yorkers are great, but they are litterbugs!).

    God Bless and thank God for each and every precious helper in this race — their self-transcendence may not be recorded in the ultrarunning record books but I am sure it is recorded in the Akashic Records!

  3. PS: I am not the only one who worked VERY hard to find the dog’s owner. It was a team effort. If you have a pet, PLEASE get them micro-chipped. It would have saved us 30-hours of stressful searching (though we loved the dog; what a sweatheart!).

  4. Thank you so much for bringing Vajra’s words and deeds to us. He is a lighthouse to us, and a hero in the self-transcendence world. Victory to Vajra!

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