Day 44… Such An Opportunity (July 30)

For most of us when we look back at our childhood we are reminded that summer represented back then the ultimate freedom from a long year of school.  Days when you could sleep in, go out and play any time you wanted, and perhaps take a family vacation.

It is obvious that this kind of luxury is not available to the runners of the 3100 mile race for even the briefest of moments.  Time is simply too precious and the challenge of making the distance too great.  At the same time I wanted to tempt Surasa with a silly proposition.  Did she ever imagine herself, instead of being in the humid sweat box of New York, pounding out miles on the hardest sidewalk in Queens, rather instead sitting down for a leisurely cup of coffee with cake in Vienna.

“It is a difficult question.  Somehow yes and somehow no. Because I know it is such an opportunity to run here.”

Surasa says that each time she comes she somehow forgets just how difficult it is.  “I forget that the weather here in New York gets so very hot, and it can rain very heavily.  Everything you get here.”

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

“Now I am thinking more and more what a miracle this race is.  We are all so exhausted, but still we all are running from 6am to 12pm.  For such a long time, it is really a miracle.  So you have to believe in a higher force, because the energy of the body is very limited.  Only spiritual energy is unlimited.”

“The whole universe is full of energy, and it is so beautiful, if you think this.”  She says there will be time enough for coffee and cake after the race.

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

She is trying to think now about meeting the finish line.  This morning she starts her day with 2588 miles.  “When I think, 8 days more, not so much.  “But when I think, 500 to 600 more miles then I think it is not nothing.”

“But in this race you never know what happens until the last day.  Right now things are getting better and better in my body.  You just have to stay positive and looking forward.”

The Board at the start of Day 44…*Note totals may not be accurate… Magic Number is 2,562 *

Camp early

Some are just getting up

For most it is still very early

Kobi and Vajra

Surasa’s table

Konstantin empties ice

William arrives

Generator problems

Surasa arrives

Today’s sponsor

William and Kobi

Kaneenika puts on her shoes

Vasu and Kobi share a special moment

Smarana and Ushika


Start of Day 44

A good morning

Vasu ran 71 miles

He starts the day with 2970 miles

Just 130 miles more to reach the finish line

He has run a great race

Nearly there



Kobi ran 65 miles

He starts the day with 2878 miles

Early in the morning he makes 2900 miles

Just 222 miles more


Kamaneeya and Alan

Ushika ran 62 miles

He now has 2645 miles

A treat of waffles carried by Max

Great job

Pipasa’s artwork


Constance and Nirjharini

Suasa did 61 miles

She now has 2588 miles.  With Vasuprada

About to take her morning break


Daniel counting

Sopan did 46 miles.  He is having blister problems

Bahula works on him this morning early

He has 2572 miles, 10 miles over the magic number


Playing music

Kaneenika did 62 miles

She now has 2561 miles, just 1 mile under

With Leelavatee


Sahishnu updates the boards

Smarana did 62 miles

He now has 2433 miles


William did 54 miles

He now has 2432 miles

Telling a joke

With Alan


Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles

He now has 2328 miles


It is the anniversary of the Ananda-Lahari song and the Enthusiasm-Awkeners sing it for him


Day 44

“Proper posture while running is very important.  Always try and keep your back straight and hold your head high.”

Poem of the Day read by Edwige

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Poem edwige


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Each hour
Is a God-Smile-Opportunity.
Each day
Is a man-transformation-opportunity.

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  1. Surasa is such an amazing hero-warrior of the Supreme. Her quiet strength and dignity impress me every day!

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