Day 49: Inner Feeling

“Probably to do something that is long and is good you need to love it.  I just love this race.  For me it has an intensity and many other things that I don’t go through in my day to day ordinary life.”

“I come here for self-transcendence.  For a feeling of oneness.  To see and be with the best people on earth.  To experience closeness to God.  So the race is a magnet.  I just can’t resist.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“As time passes and you look back all your trophies and medals and rankings they all just fade away.  What remains is your experience and your discoveries.  What remains is the inner feeling.”

Stutisheel says that all the tough experiences that happen at the race fade into the background.  “The hardship all the tough days, you can’t remember.”

“You just remember being full of energy.  Flying around the course.  You remember sunny weather and a big positive drive and that is the main reason why I keep coming back.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

This is his 13th appearance at the race and says each one offers him unique experiences.  “The numbers don’t mean anything.”

“Actually 7 years ago today on day 49 I established my personal best of 48 days and 3 hours.  This year is different.   But still I am very happy to be able to play this game.”

“Sri Chinmoy was very involved with this race and would come and visit the race as many as 5 times a day.  Once, after the race was finished.  He stood in front of his house and said with such regret.  Telling Rupantar, how I miss the race.”

“So on one hand we are looking forward to the race finishing.  We are counting days until the finish.  On the other hand I already miss the race.”

“After 4 days it will be over. No more camp.  No more runners going around and around. Still it will be in our hearts. A good experience.  A very good experience.”

The Board at the start of day 49





Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo


Wei Ming


Garima and Nina

Stutisheel and Vasu


Start Day 49

Wei Ming did 68 miles

He now has 3055 miles

A doggy break

part 2


Mahatapa and Nina

Nisanga leaves today

Vasu did 64 miles

He now has 2994 miles

Completing 3000 miles




Go Taiwan Mets

Harita did 60 miles

She now has 2931 miles

With Suchitra


Parvati and Sahishnu

Takasumi did 60 miles

He now has 2872 miles

With Nina


Parvati and Anjali

A few hours more for Wei Ming

Ananda-Lahari did 54 miles

He now has 2654 miles




What a race

He who lives in the inner world
Does not have to think —
He does everything according to
His inner feeling.

2 thoughts on “Day 49: Inner Feeling”

  1. I LOVE that Stutisheel only remembers the good times of the race after it’s all over. Love that our minds can be so positive in this way. All the blessingful and meaningful experiences are stored in the heart always.

  2. Felicitations to Lo Wei Ming—he has given us amazing joy and strength. And Stutisheel’s words are so wise: considering all the outer things we have to leave behind— we never leave behind the oneness, love, affection that we feel from the 3100. Thanks a million times, Utpal, for the inside stories!

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