Day 43: Divine Warrior

“Since last week I have gone through different challenging times.  Ultimately it is all God’s grace.  We just have to be surrendered instruments and have faith that everything is being taken care of.”

“Really a big part of that is also being at times a divine warrior, and really have to bring forward all your determination, and fight against those parts of yourself that want to give up.  Slow down or think that everything is too hard.”

“All of these things come forward in this race to be illumined and to be challenged.  That’s what makes the race so meaningful.  It gives you the capacity to see these lower parts of yourself.  See your limitations and then dive within to find the capacity to overcome them.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“I was thinking that when I talk about being in the flow.  I thought that you might think that it sounds like just coming here and flowing along effortlessly.”

“For me the connection to the flow often means really having to fight to bring forward the highest in yourself.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

Harita feels that though each of her races here as well as each day she runs are uniquely different the essence of transformation continues to touch the same parts of herself.  At the same time every day is new and every experience is new.  You can’t compare it you really have to live in the moment.

“To take whatever comes and try and make the best of it with the tools that you have and have faith that are making progress and that you are moving forward. ”

“Sometimes you feel…..o man, how long am I going to have to deal with this.  Some aspect of my personality or some weakness.  But we always have to know that we all really are moving forward. The process of self transformation and illumination is really a long process.  A lifetime after lifetime process.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“But we have to start somewhere and keep going, and continue and never give up, and have faith that we are moving forward.”

“The nature of this race is that you are continually moving helps to remind you that the momentum is created when you keep taking step after step.  Even if you are slow all those steps add up.  That is so symbolic to life as well.”

Sahishnu Week 6 Interview

The board at the start of day 43




Wei Ming


Vasu and Stitisheel





Start Day 43

Andrea ran 74 miles

He has 3023 miles

He will finish tonight

With Anupam

An interview with Arpan


Sidewalk art

Sidewalk cleaning

Wei Ming did 62 miles

He now has 2677 miles

Drawing a companion for Pipasa’s elephant

Greeting supporters


Oatmeal delivery

Pipasa pointing out Wei Ming’s art

Vasu did 62 miles

He now has 2621 miles

With Sasha



Takasumi did 60 miles

He now has 2509 miles

Fresh pie time




Stutisheel did 59 miles

He now has 2396 miles


Matt and Jason

Ananda-Lahari did 46 miles

He now has 2307 miles


Sahishnu with Diksha’s homemade pie

The divine warrior
May have a very poor start,
But he is bound to win

2 thoughts on “Day 43: Divine Warrior”

  1. Another wonderful conversation with Harita. Such amazing words of wisdom explaining what it’s really all about. Thank you.

  2. Harita gives us an honest picture of the challenges, and the delights of running 3100 miles— and how it relates to everyone’s ongoing journey—- Gratitude, gratitude!

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