Day 42: You Need To Transcend

“It starts with the simple things.  Do one step more than you planned.  Do something better than you planned.  To expand. Then you will start feeling joy from this expansion. It is never comfortable, but ultimately you will feel joy from self-transcendence.”

“We all need to expand and transcend ourselves. Then you will get access to joy.”

Stutisheel describes how that even though he has participated in the race 13 times there is always something new to be learned and experienced.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

The eternal lesson the race offers he says is that we all need to depend more upon, God’s compassion, and on God’s grace much more than others faith in you.

“The secret of attaining something unimaginable or impossible is to be as close as possible to the Supreme’s grace and the Supreme’s compassion, and God’s heart.”

“God is not planning to make it difficult for us.  It is actually easy.  All the obstacles we put before ourselves are usually from our own minds.  We just need to be more in our hearts and to be happy.” By doing this he suggests we can start feeling things and doing things that are just unimaginable.

Though Stutisheel was able to run 58 miles yesterday his overall total of 2336 means it is nearly impossible for him to make 3100 miles before the 52 day cut off.  He says that in the past when he has fallen behind he has lost all motivation to keep pushing.  “I was just walking, eating, and sleeping.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“But now it is different.  I am really continuing to do my best.  I feel from within that I need to continue performing at my maximum.  So I am moving forward.”


The Board at the start of day 42






Niriha and Nisanga

Stutisheel and Vasu

Wei Ming



Start day 42

Andrea did 74 miles

He now has 2949 miles with Arpan

Completing 3000 miles

Photo by Garima


Arpan calculating Andrea’s pace

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo


Wei Ming did 63 miles

He now has 2614 miles

Chalk drawing

Photo by Pipasa


His picture in a Taiwanese publication

Time for supporters

Checking with Rintu the counter


Great oatmeal


Renny and Mishty

Vasu did 53 miles

He now has 2559 miles

A Mishty break

Harita did 60 miles

She now has 2505 miles

With Sveta



Photo of Pipasa by Oksana


Takasumi did 60 miles

He now has 2448 miles

With Nina

Making 4000 km

Photo by Garima


Wei Ming friends


Ananda-Lahari did 46 miles

He now has 2261 miles



My mind
Wants to possess.
My heart
Wants to transcend.
My life
Wants to surrender.

2 thoughts on “Day 42: You Need To Transcend”

  1. Love this interview with Stutisheel. Wishing all the runners much love and support. Thank you for covering this sacred race with devoted action, Utpal.

  2. I loved this interview with Stutisheel. In just a few words, he told us the secret of transcending ourselves and the true happiness it brings, and all by and with God’s grace and compassion.

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