Day 38: This Is My Goal

“About 3 days ago I experienced my rock bottom.  I was feeling so heavy and I couldn’t resist the gravity.  But for some reason after I passed 2000 miles everything got easier.”

“Of course I was tired but somehow everything got easier.”

photo by Garima

“So this race has been my goal.  This years race it was not clear whether or not it would be held because of the covid. But the race started, and for me to be part of the race that is everything.  I am so happy.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photo

“Of course to be able to complete the distance that would be my goal but really to be in the race is so nice it is my goal.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

” I would say that my most elated feelings came was the moment the race started, and I started running.  That was my most excited elated feeling.  But I have to say I try not to get too excited.  I prefer to stay calm and stable.  That is my overall attitude, and what I am trying to achieve.”

Interview and song by Brahmata

The board at the start of day 38




Takasumi and Nina

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo



Medur and Nisanga

Wei Ming



Start day 38

Andrea ran 75 miles

He now has 2652 miles

With Arpan

Completing 2700 miles

photo by Garima


Anjali counting

Music from afar

Wei Ming did 63 miles

He now has 2362 miles

Hot noodles



Vasu did 67 miles

He now has 2312 miles




Harita did 61 miles

She now has 2264 miles

With Rotraud


Pictures for Harita from a New Zealand school

The school also sent gifts for the runners

Stutisheel did 65 miles

He now has 2143 miles


Nina and Suradhuni

A doggy drive by

Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles

He now has 2058 miles


Sri Chinmoy planted this Japanese maple

There was a time
When I had many goals.
Now I have only one goal:
My life’s perfection-progress-goal.

One thought on “Day 38: This Is My Goal”

  1. Takasumi–such a model of self-transcendence— going the distance, even under duress– what a great lesson— so many smiles today!!

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