Day 35: A Higher Source

“What I see, is that quite often people learn theoretical aspects of praying and meditating. But here (3100 mile race ) it is all practical implementation.”

“You test all your knowledge all your capacities.  Without meditation, without involving higher power, without relying on a higher source, it is just impossible to run so long.”

Stutisheel describes his early life as a time when he was looking for a teacher.  “I was looking for somebody wise.  To guide me.  To teach me how to live without making mistakes.”

“So I was happy to find this guidance in Sri Chinmoy.  I found that he was most reliable, my closest friend.  He knows not only what is good for me but also what is best for you at every moment. ”

“None of us can fathom the significance of this race.  Even though I have run here 13 times I still can’t answer what this race is really about.   Because it is so deep.”  He went on to suggest it could have a possible affect on the global stage and of course significantly affect his own personal development.

“Still it is a mystery but it works.”

Stutisheel went on to describe the significance of the upcoming anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s passing.  “Of course it is a sad day.”

“Of course I realize that he only passed physically.  But whenever I am looking for his help, his guidance, I can still find the same response as when he was still in the physical.”

“He is always here.”

The board at the start of day 35




Wei Ming


Wei Ming checking results

Rupantar checking counting book



Start day 35

Andrea ran 75 miles

He now has 2426 miles

With Arpan

On the phone


Garima working on shoes


Wei Ming ran 62 miles

He now has 2172 miles

Drawing a dragon on the sidewalk

Having a dog break


Sarita counting

Shephali with treats

Vasu did 63 miles

He now has 2117 miles



Harita did 61 miles

She has 2079 miles

A doggy break

With friends


Harita’s crew

Takasumi did 60 miles

He now has 2027 miles

Trying his best


Everybody’s friend

Ananda-Lahari did 65 miles

He now has 1907 miles


Nobody has asked you
To believe in the Unknowable.
Just try to believe
That a higher Source
Is guiding your earthly journey.

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