Day 3: Every Moment Is Important

I was wondering this morning just what kind of person and with what kind of determination they would need have to be able to reveal just how man times Ananda-Lahari has circled around Thomas Edison High school.   In this his 17th attempt he has put in an almost incalculable amount of effort and determination to make it around the course 5649 times each time he has completed the 3100 mile distance.  But to look at him now with his unclouded look of effervescent delight and an incandescent smile  that brightens the mood of just about everyone he meets as his light footfalls tip tap their way round and round, the numbers are practically meaningless.

When you listen to him you can feel that somehow his heart is always here and though the physical finish line he has not always reached, the more important inner goal is transcended each and every time he comes to run.  Though I confess I am certainly not capable of adding up the brute logistical details I am more than happy to bask in the radiance of his inner accomplishments and wish sometimes that more of the world had the same lightness, dedication, and joy.

To just be technical he ran 66 miles yesterday

Taken by Sri Chimmoy ultra photos

He is currently in 5th place

The board after 2 days

The hero Vajra readies to leave after cleaning the course

The quiet world

The time has yet to press

Rupantar takes a rare break


Wei Ming had a good day


Getting ready

Andrea stretches


Vasu has come a little late

Andrea had another strong day with 80 miles

A 2 day total of 162

Leads Vasu by 2 miles

Ananda-Lahari has 129 miles


Harita did 65 miles

She has 136 miles and is in 4th position

Doing well


Mahatapa counting

Stutisheel did 56 miles

He has 127 miles


“I just walked here from home and I am exhausted.”

Takasumi did 59 miles

He has 124 miles

With Nina


Vasu did 76 miles

He has 160 miles

He is 2 miles behind Andrea


Niriha checking the counting book

Wei Ming did 66 miles

He has 147 miles

He is in 3rd place


Rupantar with the principal of the school Moses Ojeda

A short interview

There is no such thing
As the perfect moment.
Every moment is perfect
In a very special way.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Every Moment Is Important”

  1. This year our dear friend Nada, who loved this Race very, very much, and helped a lot in any way she could, is no more with us. It was her Soul’s Day on September 4th, and at that very day in 1991 she brought Monika Seles, famous tennis player at that time, to Guru and Aspiration ground. She loved Guru and Center and she served our Path from the bottom of her heart. She will always stay in our hearts as devoted one, with beautiful and sincere smile.

  2. I am so grateful to see all the photos and videos of this amazing race. In this way, even though we are physically far away, we can be part of the race on a daily basis and we can really connect with the thoughts and feelings and experiences of the runners, organizers and helpers.
    With deepest gratitude,
    Hladini, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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