Day 2 : All My Life and Dreams

When Wei Ming first came to the multi day races held in Flushing Meadow in 2014 he made clear just what his goal was, to run the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race.  He has continued his training and competing for many years and now at age 58 is the first Asian to enter the race, and if he is able to maintain his pace from the first day it will be likely he will succeed at completing the distance as well.

Seemingly always upbeat and positive he had an impressive first day with 80 miles which puts him in 3rd place

He is not an easy runner to keep up with.

Photo by Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

All 7 runners completed at least 110 laps, the required distance the first day

Rupantar changing the day

Quiet early

Getting acquainted with counting

Wei Ming is running in sandals

Ready to run

Takasumi taking rest

Stutisheel prep

Andrea stretching

Nearly time

Start Day 2

Ananda-Lahari did 115 laps, 63 miles


Getting some foot care from Mario

This is his 17th time at the race


Andrea is 2nd place after day 1.  He ran 83 miles


Volunteers needed in medical

Harita had a great first day with 70 miles

Her morning helper Harashita


Stutisheel did 71 miles

Applying sun screen

His 13th race


Takasumi did 64 miles

With his wife Nina

Wei Ming doing well

More supporters came out today

Vasu leads after the first day with 83 miles

Running with Vasu


Marathon great Patti Catalano Dillon came by to inspire and be inspired

With Sahishnu

Takasumi and Nina knew all about her achievements

With Nina

All my dreams shall fly
Far beyond my mind’s

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