Harita’s Finish

Harita’s Finish

The cake

Sandhani and Sahishnu

Dipali changes the board



Dad will pass the flags

Sahishnu’s speech


A great achievement

Harita’s speech


The wreath has been passed

Many have come

A personal best and new New Zealand record

6 responses to “Harita’s Finish”

  1. Dear Harita, you are a remarkable human being and we are so proud of you and happy for you and for your tremendous journey victory and for your beautiful oneness heart.

  2. The biggest congratulations Harita from my heart and all the New Zealand hearts to yours. You are an extraordinary and inspiring hero – warrior on this path And we value your incredible efforts and journey in this 2019 3100 mile race -pilgrimage.
    Thank you!!!!

  3. Dear Harita,
    After the finish, your face, beaming with smiles, showed us the depth and the height of this race. It tells about the pain and the gain, about the obstacles on the way and about the treasure that waits at the end. It tells about you and about us. You smile, I cry, both out of joy. Thank you.

  4. dear Harita thank you,
    Utpal did something special with you…the every day video seeing you coming and start the day, so special. You are a very blessed soul and your dad.

  5. Thank you Harita – I can’t say anything – I just have tears in my eyes – thank you – thank you – thank you -:)


  6. Absolutely awesome! So happy for you, Harita! And so nice to see all your great helpers too – what a team effort to get you victoriously through this amazing challenge! Girl`s power, soul and heart power, determination, dedication and perseverance power – and all Your Grace ….

    “Self-effort is necessary.
    God’s Grace is indispensable.”

    Sri Chinmoy, My heart’s God-Songs, 2001

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