Day 52…To Achieve the Goal of Goals (August 6)

With 6 days left in the race Todor was in a place no runner wants to be in at the 3100.  He was off the pace by 32 miles and the finish line and his dream were quickly slipping away.

I have talked to Sahishnu and in the past there are runners who have fallen back and managed to struggle miraculously to the finish line.  But he says not so late and with not so many miles.

Pick a sport and picture the miraculous goal, stepping to the plate in the 9th inning with 2 outs, or whatever nearly impossible scenario and that is exactly what Todor pulled off here over the past few days.

“It is a pretty good morning.  Day 52 and I am in the mood to finish.”

Todor suggests that the hole he had been in was created purely by outer circumstances.  A combination of digestion problems and other things.  “It caused me trouble and reduced my speed.  That is why I said to myself that no way is this going to stop me.  I just have to proceed.”

What has happened has happened but he says, “what is in front of me is still the goal.  So I should proceed.”

He says his solution was to change his diet to simpler foods. “The helped me to recover and have more energy.  If you have good legs and good mood but do not have energy then it is not possible.  It is difficult to run.”

Gradually his condition improved and he started to run faster.  “Today I feel good and I hope I will finish.”

“I have had tremendous support from my friends in Bulgaria, and even from many people that I don’t know, from all over the world.”  He even heard from a school teacher in Japan who was teaching the fundamentals of not giving up by using Todor as an example.

“Very interesting and very touching and that support also helped with my recovery.  Just to proceed and not give up.”

“When I finish I hope I will realize all that has happened.”  He feels that he has gone through a whole spectrum of life experiences.

“Now I just want to go over to the corner and do 100 more laps and we will see what will happen tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed.”

The Board at the Start of Day 52

Camp early




Last day on the job






Start Day 52

It will be a good day

Smarana has 3085 miles

He did 55 miles

With Yolanda

The finish will be soon


Decorations start early

I can’t explain but medical aid was not given

Harita has 3065 miles

She did 60 miles

The finish is close


From Alakananda

Sanjay and a blogger


Todor has 3039 miles

“Now where is the finish line again?”

He ran 65 miles


Todor the great


An exclusive club

Ushika has 2727 miles

He ran 52 miles

A great effort






Sandro’s handiwork

“It just won’t be the same here tomorrow with all the runners and all the snacks.”

Poem of the Day held by Ashprihanal

Come what may.
I shall run and
Run and end my
At my Lord’s

Sri Chinmoy

Aug. 6th, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners honor Parvati

Enthusiasm Awakeners

To achieve the Goal of goals,
Your heart has to be
All eagerness
And your life has to be
All oneness.

12 responses to “Day 52…To Achieve the Goal of Goals (August 6)”

  1. Utpal, 52 days of service and we are astounded by the heights of inspiration you bring to all by sharing your 3100 mile blog with the world! Gratitude for all that you do, allowing us to experience it without physically being in New York. The smile never once left my face watching today’s video. Beautiful music, interview with Todor and just so much JOY!!! Thank you SINCERELY.

  2. Thank you all for the great inspiration that I received for the last 52 days! It was so beautiful to witness from the wonderfully done videos and photos! I will miss it. I can’t wait for next year’s race. Oh how I would love to engage in this self-transcendent soul-uplifting experience and run it next year!

  3. Thanks Utpal for creating and sharing a wonderful service. Your daily accounts and interviews gave us glimpses of some of the experiences of this year’s race, an indeed all the races which you cover, glimpses into what each runner went through and the inspiration which drove them on. The message and the organisation behind the race, the helpers, the supporters, the flowers, the birds, the concrete sidewalk – the sum of the parts!

  4. Thank you Utpal for your wonderful work – you give us so much inspiration and support for our daily life – absolut marvelous. And thanks to all the runners for their amazing achievement.
    Gratitude – gratitude – gratitude !!

    I have to say, I am a little bit proud to belong to this Sri Chinmoy Group – with this extraordinary people -:) Gratitude to everybody !!


  5. Heartfelt thanks, Utpal, for your fantastic, beautiful coverage of the race. Loved it all–the interviews, music, jokes, commentary, poems…Following your amazing blog each summer is heart-expanding and tremendously inspiring!

  6. Beautiful ending of this extraordinary race. Congratulations to all runners, and helpers, and to you Utpal.

    Thank you so much for bringing the race to the all world. It means so much to us.

    Thank you, thank you.

  7. We’re all so lucky to be part of this amazing race through your blog, Utpal
    The interviews are so inspiring, uplifting; and to end with Todor is the final bonus +++
    The vision behind this race, the blessings and miracles happening in and around this race are way beyond my limited understanding… but it’s beautiful beyond words and tears!

    Self-Transcendence is not a concept, not even an ideal: it’s a daily way of life and we can learn so much from the 8 heroes who showed us the courage, determination and optimism to overcome all. Here, and on so many occasions, this poem of CKG becomes a reality:
    “We are all truly unlimited. If we only dare to try and have faith”
    Gratitude to all (:-

  8. 52 days of inspiration and wisdom! This race puts our lives into a whole different realm just through coming here for your daily posts, interviews, photos, music, drone footage and more! Like the runners sometimes say – no words, no words. “My own gratitude heart is all that matters.” – Sri Chinmoy

  9. Some statements from the runners don’t stop circling my mind: “When you are weak, everything effects you. When you are strong, nothing effects you.” Or: “Whatever happens, go forward.” With these wise experiences I say goodbye and thank you again, Utpal.

  10. Thank you for all your efforts, it was so beautiful to follow the race so close, get inspired and learn from all the runners.
    May god bless you

  11. Thank you to all the runners for your inspiration and aspiration to challenge ourselves and go higher and deeper. Thank you for all the organizers, cooks, support crews, singers and supporters who make this great race possible and thus be able to manifest its High Vision and Purpose. Thank you Utpal and photographers through whom we can experience this great race every day.

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