6 and 10 Day Race 2019 Constructing the Village: Start With New Enthusiasm


How the village looked on Friday

Bipin the village architect

Rupantar the race director

One of the hazards of the job

Shamus setting up Arun’s tent

Doing it right so that it will be able to handle 10 days of sometimes harsh weather


Yava setting up the scoreboard

Setting up tent
The kitchen early
Sasha and Yava
Niclaus taking a picture of his just put up tent
Putting up the fence
Empty dorm
Some of the full time residents of the lake district
Daulot taking a break
Devasishu and Max

Do not delay!
Start with new enthusiasm,
New inspiration and new aspiration.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 34, Agni Press, 2003


6 responses to “6 and 10 Day Race 2019 Constructing the Village: Start With New Enthusiasm”

  1. SOOO grateful to see the aspiring faces (and hands 😉 of my dear brothers setting up

  2. For Nayaja and Samviraja..e Andrea:Forza!….siamo orgogliosi di voi..!!!.” Quando con gioia faccio tutto ciò che mi è possibile fare, il mio Signore Supremo fa per me tutto ciò che non mi è possibile fare..”…

  3. To Samviraja e Nayaja:Run fast!Fear not! The GOAl itself will come to inspiegabile you and to aspira in and through you

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