Day 5…Enjoy the Journey (June 21)

Long time friend and alumni of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence race showed up just before the start of day 5

Vasu extended his lead after 4 days

Yolanda always early

Aharn setting up

Nisanga will be here a few days more

Rupantar surveying the course

Alan set up some Scottish flags

William enjoying the view

Yolanda does her headstand

William having a yogurt

A light rain is falling

Pushkar is visiting and checks out Smarana’s mileage

Vasu arrives

checking the counting book

Pushkar speaks with william

Kobi leaves the van

Jumagul is counting

Time to get up and run

Start of Day 5

Ray is always a welcome visitor

While he is running around the course he spots an inspirational sign

He notices a lot and picked up this item while running around the loop


Vasu ran 76 miles yesterday

He now has 306 miles

He finds the presence of Kobi so close to him as helpful to push him harder for self-transcendence

Drying shoes

Kobi ran 73 miles

He now has 302 miles

It is a great race between the 2 runners

Flower Kobi

Smarana did 66 miles

He started the day with 272 miles

Very solid performance

A great start


Sopan ran 65 miles

He now has 260 miles

Sopan is running well

Surasa is very consistent.  She ran 62 miles again and has 254 miles.   Her great helper Vishvarupani.


Ananda-Lahari ran 64 miles

He now has 253 miles

Ushika running with Annanda-Lahari


Ushika ran 54 miles

He now has 243 miles

Ushika doing well


Sahishnu arrives at 10.  He was up until 3am

Kaneenika ran 58 miles

With helper Martina

She finished day 4 with 241 miles


Nirjharini surprised to find Pushkar

William ran a very good 65 miles yesterday

He now has 239 miles

Wet tree

Helper Alan Young

Magdalena counting

Taking pics

Yolanda walked 56 miles

She has 228 miles

Bahula helping with blisters

BJ is back with her for the 3rd day

Some encouragement from Dipali

Wet leaves


The 10 am snacks arrive


Karabi reads the daily prayer

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poem Karabi

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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The longest journey
Is always
The inner journey.
This journey knows no beginning
And no end.

4 Comments to “Day 5…Enjoy the Journey (June 21)”

  1. Jadranka says:

    Thanks a lot! Good luck to each runner and each helper!
    Love to all!

  2. sarita says:

    So many smiles! Everyone is beautiful! Enjoy the journey! Love and oneness from all your brothers and sisters everywhere! From the runners and the helpers we get so much inspiration from your supremely chosen self-offerings!

  3. Parvati says:

    Love the interview with Ray. What a supremely inspiring, kind and wise person. I listened to that part of the video interview twice to absorb. Congratulations, Utpal, on your ever-transcending skills with your videos! Thank you!

  4. kaushalya casey says:

    Thank you for another great day, Utpal.. Every detail gives us joy — seeing our old and new friends and the incredible spirit that is emanating from this super-special event. Thank you!

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