Day 6…Goal Is To Be Happy (June 22)

Ananda-Lahari is here for the 14th straight year

The board after 5 days

William working on his shoes.   He had another superb day and moved well up the board

A waiting laundry bag

Aharan preparing an apple

The clock early


Yolanda on the way to a perfect head stand

Vasu arrives

Jumagul ready to count

Smarana and Ushika

Surasa arrives

William checks his phone

Kaneenika is here



Heading to the starting line


Start Day 6

The morning sun arrives on the Grand Central service road

Vasu had another superb day of 74 miles

Kobi ran the same distance of 135 laps

He now has 380 miles


When Sahishnu updates the board he notes that Vasu has just 2700 miles more to go

Kobi ran 74 miles 135 laps

He has 376 miles just 4 less than Vasu

He has a good team


Smarana ran 60 miles

He now has 332 miles

This is day 6


Sopan ran 60 miles

He has 321 miles



Sopan is doing very well



Surasa did 60 miles

She has 314 miles

With Vishvarupani


Ananda-Lahari did 55 miles

He now has 309 miles


William did 65 miles and is definitely back on pace

He now has 305 miles

He actually told 2 successful jokes.  One involving asking a scrabble player who has dropped a box of letters what the word on the street was.

And yes he enjoys ice treats particularly vanilla ice cream



Kaneenika did 60 miles

She has 301 miles

Running strong

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Her helper Martina

Sherry visiting


Ushika did 55 miles

He has 299 miles

With his helper Aharan

Doing really well


Sahishnu takes notes from Magdalena’s score sheets

Yolanda did 59 miles her best since day 1

She has 288 just 7 miles off the pace

BJ has been her regular helper the last few days

Miles of smiles



Nirjharini and the kitchen help vist

“Please let me off the leash, I can do this.”

Bahula reads the daily Poem

Click to Play:

Enthusiasm Awakeners

The happiness of the heart
Always paves a sunlit way
To arrive at the Goal.

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  1. Baladev says:

    Great pictures and stories of runners. Thank you Utpal!

  2. kaushalya casey says:

    Goal is to be happy, indeed! We can use this reminder everyday! Thanks to the smiling runners for putting this to the forefront!

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