April 20 Six and 10 Day Race…Dive Deep Within

The weather has been cold and windy as the race enters its 4th day

At the end of 72 hours

This morning this is the moment when Ashprihanal set a Finnish record for 300 miles

Budjargal is 2nd with 279

The finish line is still many days away

Ilvaka in 2nd with 200

A 360 view of the race

Ashprihanal is running an amazing race

A pack

Yuri with 230

Yuyudhan braving the cold


Volodymyr with 192


Vladislav with 156

Official finish line greeter

Susan getting a necessary pit stop she leads the girls with 214

Vasuprada with 134

Sylvie is running the 6 day starting tomorrow

Vasuprada with 154

Everything is ducky

Vaibhava with 139

Sergey L with 192

Upakaraka with 200

Sahishnu on the board

Sandro with 141

Staying warm


Rajpal with water work

Pawel with 233

Pedrag with 185


Odgiiv with 136

Padyatra setting up his tent

Patanga has 139 miles and dreams of a hot shower


Nicolae with 242

Cook break

Milan 195

Nataliya with 192


Manuela has 121

Taking a short break

Mahasatya opening a new bed

Laila has 180

Joe Cleary arrives

Jiri 140 and Alesksei R with 63



Gudrun with 166

George with 180

Georgs with 121



Fred Davis with 110


Ashirvad and Patanga

Ashirvad has 147

Ales with 186

Andrey with 178

Andrea 222

Ashadeep 152

Arun 181



Amdrei with 148

Avanayaha with 124

Adesh and Budjargal

Deveshu with 116

Don Winkley with 80


Taking a stretch

Elena with 174

No one in medical

Finish line

Erlinda showing the Canadian age group records

A karteek supporter

Not imperfection
But perfection
Hides deep within us.

6 thoughts on “April 20 Six and 10 Day Race…Dive Deep Within”

  1. Thank you for the photos and videos! Go go Nicu Buceanu!!! Our thoughts are with you!

  2. Bravo for the ultimate runner, one and only Ashprihanal!

    The Perfection-journeys
    All bondage-boundaries.
    Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 39, Agni Press, 2004

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