April 19 Six & Ten Day Race… Much to Learn

At the end of 48 hours

It has been rainy and damp most of the night

Don Winkley has 68 miles

A time for umbrellas, Elena has 126 miles

Some visitors who enjoy the weather more than the runners

To see the race in 360 click below

Ashprihanal leads the race with 207

Susan Marshall leads the girls with 153


Budjargal is 2nd with 195

Yuri has 167


Parking lot

Alex with 150

Vladislav 113

Vinati 124

Vaibhava 98

Medur and counters

Andrea has 163


Sandro with 108

Sergey with 103

Ashadeep with 112


Sergey with 132

Sri Chinmoy street

Pedrag with 128


Ashirvad with 99

In his spare time (?) he is fixing one of the race clocks



Pawei with 167

Deveshu with 93

Patanga with 98

“Yes it is uncomfortable”


Odgiiv with 99

Shift change

Nrishata with 111

Nataliya with 132

Dr. Mitch Proffman

Helping so many people

Mario main medical nurse

Milan 138

“Boy do I need another coffee

Manuela 82

Happy visitor

Karteek 116

Nipura’s kitchen

Konstnatin 116

“right left, right left, quick march”

Ilvaka 140

George with 123

Erlinda is George’s wife and she mentions that the Canadian 6 day record for men over 65 is 326 miles and for 72 hours it is 188 miles.  He will be the first 65 year old Canadian man to run 10 days

Georgs with 87

Girbhu with 120 and traffic ahead

Gundega with 115

Gudrun 119


Do not leave,
Do not withdraw.
You have yet much to give,
You have yet much to learn.

What are you going to give?
Your heart’s tears.
What are you going to learn?
Your soul’s smile.

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