Nirbhasa’s Finish 48 Days 16 hours 47 Minutes

The wait

Running with Mom

photo by Jowan

The waiting cake

Others still run


Sahishnu’s speech

A few words

Talking to Sadanand in Moscow

Going home

Photo by Jowan

2 Comments to “Nirbhasa’s Finish 48 Days 16 hours 47 Minutes”

  1. kaushalya says:

    Wonderful , joyful words from Nirbhasa. He sums up the incredible 3100 Mile so well!

  2. Abhinabha says:

    I can get no sound to this video! I tried with three different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) but I couldn’t hear anything…
    Can this be fixed? The same goes for Kaneenika’s finish. The blog interviews are fine, though.

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