Kaneenika’s World Record Finish 48 Days 14 hours 24 minutes


Waiting crowd


Nearly there

The arch

Nirbhasa’s brother Keith

Not yet for Nirbhasa

Sahishnu changes the board


Photo by Jowan

A hug with Tanya


Harita soon

Photo by Jowan


Photo by Jowan

2 Comments to “Kaneenika’s World Record Finish 48 Days 14 hours 24 minutes”

  1. Akbota says:

    Our dearest sister Kaneenika, we are so proud of you!!!!

  2. Sharani says:

    I cried tears of joy during her entire interview after the end of the race. What an immortal historic achievement. I’m in awe and feel so blessed to witness these moments here and on the live webcam and on the 3100 race site. “We are all truly unlimited, If we only dare to try
    And have faith.” — Sri Chinmoy

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