Day 48…Victory Supreme (August 4)

Last night Vasu was into his final laps before completing the Self-Transcendence 3100 race for the 6th time.  He was into the very depths of his 47th day here.  His shirt was covered in sweat and he needed to make 67 miles before midnight.

As he passes by me along the dark sidewalk a student of Sri Chinmoy shouts out, “Jai Guru.”  Vasu without hesitation responds, “Jai Guru.”

He did not say this loudly but instead with quiet soulful conviction.  It was like music to my ears, just as I suppose his constant dedication to this race his spiritual teacher created has been sustaining him at every moment.  Not just for 47 days but even over the past 6 years he has run this race and beyond.

In his speech of congratulations Sahishnu said, “Ladies and gentlemen this was Vasu’s second victory and his 6th straight finish at 3100 miles.  He finished in 46 days, 17 hours, and 38 minutes.  Which is an average of 66.35 miles a day (106.7 km)”

“This was his 2nd best finish.  He is still 5th ranked all time.  Out of 145 performances now this is the 33rd best performance.”  Sahishnu then goes on to tell the story of Vasu’s serious back injury 8 months earlier.  So severe that he could barely stand little alone train.

“Miracles do happen, and this man proved that will power and grace from above can really work together.  His athletic talent is undeniable.  He is one of only 5 men in history to have averaged 70 miles a day.”

The next day he comes back to start the race one last time and run 13 laps in order to complete 5,000km. I join him on his last lap and the rain is falling heavily about us.

photo by Jowan

“I love this race.  I don’t know why I love it.  I just love it and do it.  I am happy here and I am able to do self transcendence. I hope that I can inspire some people to be better citizens of the world.  They inspire me and I inspire them.”

“I do this for my beautiful Guru and for Victory Supreme.”

photo by Jowan

To become better citizens
Of the world,
We must scatter happiness
Here, there and all-where.

Board start of Day 48

Balloons from last night



Vajra leaves


Yolanda and Renae




Kaneenika and Harita







Flowers left from Vasu’s finish

Start Day 48

A thunderstorm approaches and the air is charged with energy

The sky

Vasu did 67.5 miles

He only needs to do 13 laps to complete 5,000km

Running with Sasha

At the finish line

Tidying up


Kaneenika did 64 miles

She now has 2984 miles

The rains come

It is heavy

Finally 3000 miles


Kaneenika tells Shadri that Suprabha considered the last 100 miles her victory lap

Friday night it will be all over

Happy rocks

Nirbhasa did 62 miles

He now has 2978 miles

He is 6 miles behind

He will finish tomorrow night

A bit of green

Harita did 60 miles

She now has 2808 miles

Break time


The goal in sight

With Katya


Yolanda did 61 miles

She now has 2793 miles

From last night

by jowan

Mario doing some foot work

She has 5 days in which to complete 307 miles


Smarana did 63 miles

He now has 2793 miles


Andrey did 53 miles

He now has 2516 miles


Sergey did 47 miles

He now has 2475 miles


Nidhruvi did 53 miles

She now has 2447 miles

telling jokes

With Mareike


Ananda-Lahari did 36 miles

He now has 2351 miles



A bit of green

The rain



Alan and Databir

“You would be surprised just how much I know about feet, shoes, and casual footwear.”

Shadri reads the Daily Prayer

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poem shadri

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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The answer to the problems
Of this world
Is for every one of us
To go far beyond
Our present capacity-boundary
And become better citizens
Of the world.

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  1. Oh my Lord, this video with Vasu was so touching. Congratulations to him… and Gratitude always.

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