Day 47…I Am Really Happy (August 3)

Yesterday Ananda-Lahari ran 84 miles.  A number that represents about double what he has been doing most days.  Today he is moving less quickly but the ever present smile brightens his face and as I join him I feel my own smile brightening as well.

Today he says, “is a very good day.  Yesterday I ran very fast and today I am falling apart but there is eagerness and hope.  The focus is there.  So I am happy.”

I mention to him that his surprising performance yesterday lifted the energy levels of practically all the other runners as he flew around the block.  “I think it is all God’s work.  I just play what I feel.”

“It is not as though I do it to inspire people.  If it happens that others get inspired great.”

He says that most often when we are negative that, “it is a matter of choice.  We have to want.  That is the main thing.  We have to want to get out of, let’s say, a state of depression, or sadness, or something else.”

“Many times we subconsciously enjoy it.  To be there.  To be angry, or be sad.  We don’t realize it.  The first thing is that we need to want.  I know only one way.  I am really happy that I practice meditation, under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy.  He is teaching me how to throw away negative qualities.”

As we pass through the camp area Rupantar yells out, “he is inspiring the world.”

“In ancient times people were going to monasteries and caves in order to be alone to be able to pray and meditate. To be focused on God.”

“In today’s world I have learned that that was the way of the past.  Now we have to bring it to society.  We don’t want to cut off the outside world.”

“I practice mediation at home, but then I try and bring the results forward into my daily life.  This happens when we are in focus and feel joy.”  He says that meditation and exercise can go hand in hand.  Even if you are tired. Exercising for him is the best form of meditation.

“It is really nice.  You can be falling a part.  You can have a bad day and then you can still have a really nice day.  It is like bringing it into our daily activities.”

The time to be really happy
Is now,
Here at the very place
Where you are.

Board Start Day 47


Pipasa’s work




Smarana arrives



Rupantar encouraging everyone to stay focused and motivated





Vasu stands on the starting line for the last time

Start Day 47

A good day

Vasu did 71 miles 130 laps

He starts the day with 3032 miles.

Enthusiasm Awakeners greet him

Running with Prabala

Stopping to do his exercises

With Sasha


Kaneenika had 64 miles 117 laps

She now has 2920 miles

Very soon

Going well



Nirbhasa did 63 miles 115 laps

He has done 2916 miles

Telling jokes

A great race

A bit of green

Harita did 62 miles 113 laps

She now has 2748 miles

Finding jokes


Your on

Coming through camp


Yolanda did 62 miles 114 laps

She now has 2731 miles

She has 6 days in which to complete 369 miles


Smarana did 61 miles 112 laps

He now has 2544 miles


Andrey did 49 miles 91 laps

Taking a break

He now has 2462 miles


Sergey did 45 miles 83 laps

He now has 2427 miles

A bit of green

Nidhruvi did 52 miles 96 laps

She now has 2394 miles


Ananda-Lahari did 84 miles 154 laps

He now has 2331 miles



Alan getting ready to update the board

Mike’s race graphs

“Yest control tower I am ready for lift off.”

Poem of the Day read by Aranyani

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Poem Aranyani

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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To be well-established
In the spiritual life
Is to be happy in the only way
One can really be happy.

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    What a bliss-filled smile, Ananda-Lahari. We smile when we see him smile!

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