July 27… We Can Do More (Enthusiasm Awakeners Anniversary)

It all takes place in less than an hour.  The singing, clapping, and offering of treats to the runners.

Who most likely have slept little, are aching and weary beyond belief, and are staring into the mouth of a mileage chasm that seems at times impossible to fill or even satisfy.

The girls all in matching colored t shirts arrive with a spirit and energy that is precisely the balm and remedy for waking up to 18 hours of running. Not on a soft forest trail mind you, but on the hardest unforgiving surface that a city can slap down, solely for pedestrians to make their way across the neighborhood

The weather at this time of year in New York is also generally hot, humid, and miserable.  The course of the 3100 simply put is a place where you are exposed to some of the worst aspects of nature.  An unyielding loop where the physical world is all one long hard battle.

But then quite to the contrary.  In an imponderable irony.  It is also where as well the divine brightness of the inner life beams more profoundly clear than any other place perhaps on earth.


The great tick tock of time now says that this is day 39.  The runners have been struggling and soaring and everything in between for well over a month.

For Yuri who is in the lead and still has 570 more miles more to go in order to reach 3100.  He could be here for 10 days more.  For those not as swift or as fortunate there could be a maximum of 14 more days out on the course.


So the vibrant joyous presence of the girls singing group  every morning at the course has an effect that brightens the sober reality they face.

A cheerful reminder of just why they have struggled so long and hard.  But of course as well to inspire and enable them all to see the source of their own inspiration.

That what they do here and what they accomplish is not about time and distance.  Instead it is about extending themselves towards a goal that is unsaleable, unknowable, and yet but must be reached by all of us someday.

parvati savita-1370763

Parvati tells me that the little brick alcove where her group sings each morning that Sri Chinmoy over 2 years of the race must have come there at least 100 times.

“He would first drive around the course encouraging the runners then he would stop at this very spot, and teach us a brand new song.”

Photo by Jowan
Photo by Jowan

“We had the privilege of waiting here and watching in anticipation for Sri Chinmoy’s little red car to come along.  Then he would teach us a new song.  Then the next day it would happen again.”

“In 2007 it happened 65 times.  It was pretty amazing.”

runners good-1370808

I suggest to Parvati that the spot still seems to have a special energy to it.  She says, “I think it is the runners that keep the message that Sri Chinmoy wanted us as his disciples to carry.  They, more than anybody else I have ever seen carry that.”

“So it is a real privilege just to be here and see them and witness what true aspiration is.  They also give us a reminder, that Sri Chinmoy tried to bring to us every single day.  That we can do more.  That we shouldn’t say no so often.”

“So being here at this time of year reminds me of that.  I shouldn’t say that I can’t.”


Indomitable strength blossoms
In the heart
Of enthusiasm.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 41, Agni Press, 2004

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The board


The quiet time

pre clok-1370714

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1370716

Getting ready

pre camp-1370713

Vajra leaves

pre vajra-1370715

The van comes

pre van-1370717

In comes Atmavir

pre atmaivr-1370729

Lots of pictures being taken

pre rupantar-1370728

The girls

pre girls-1370725

Start Day 39


First steps

first step-1370734

All in all it is a pleasant and beautiful morning

sky gc-1370755



Yuri had a good day with 66 miles


He now has 2531 miles

yuri behind-1370840

He is 26 miles ahead of Ashprihanal



flower ashprihanal-1380115

Ashprihanal meanwhile put in a 70 mile day


He now has 2505 miles

ashprihanal vasu-1370825

In honor of the anniversary of Enthusiasm Awakeners he and Vasu perform a play…..involving Shiva


Champ getting a workout

camp ashprihanal-1370878

He is looking more like the old Ashprihanal.  He says he wants to finish the race quickly.

ashprihanal behind-1370747

Atmavir did 48 miles


He now has 2501 miles.  That is 55 more miles than last year

atmavir baladev-1380089

Taking salt tablets for the heat

atmavir camp-1370892

He is doing well

atmavir gc-1370737


flower atmaivr-1380117

Vasu did 66 miles.  His best in 17 days

vasu good-1370862

He now has 2422 miles


Getting ready to do his play with Ashprihanal and Vishakretu

vasu ashprihanal vishakretu-1370822

The fence

flower vasu-1380121

Kodanda playing his flute


“I don’t know about you but I see breakfast, lunch, annnnnnnnd dinner coming up soon just over there by those girls singing.”



flower kaneenika-1380118

Kaneenika did 53 miles


She now has 2344 miles

kaneenika irina-1370893

Over the next 14 days she must average 54 miles


Humor poster made by Akbota

abota humor-1380114


flower surasa-1380119

Surasa did 49 miles


She now has 2283 miles


She now needs to average 58 miles a day

surasa vishvarupani-1370896

Service road

flower baladev-1370754

Baladev did 51 miles


He now has 2120 miles




He is content

baladev gc-1370738

Sopan did 44 miles.  He now has 2087 miles


Coming into camp

flowr sopan-1380116

Stutisheel did 29 miles


He now has 2068 miles




Service road

flower stutisheel-1370757



Full and ripe


Ananda-Lahari did 41 miles


He now has 1953 miles


The march of trees

flower yuri-1380017

Ananda-Lahari reads the Daily Poem


Click to Play:

poem ananda-lahari

“What Sri Chinmoy has done with the Enthusiasm Awakeners.  Not just for the runners and not just for the Enthusiasm Awakeners.  Those of us lucky enough to be included.  But also the world consciousness I dare say.”


“He established a happiness, joyful, oneness, rhythm.  Anjali says, “We can tap into that rhythm whenever we want by singing those songs, ore even thinking about those songs.”

“It is a rhythm that can be a life saver and transform the world”

parvati good-1370767

Happiness st.


14 more days




Enthusiasm Awakeners


Click to Play:



Enthusiasm of the mind has a very short breath,

but enthusiasm in the heart lasts long, very, very long.

Enthusiasm is success and progress at every moment.

flower dawn-1370741

4 thoughts on “July 27… We Can Do More (Enthusiasm Awakeners Anniversary)”

  1. I am incredibly fortunate and happy to join the singing every day with the Enthusiam Awakeners. Today with the amazing energy of their Anniversary I could really see and feel how it was helping the runners go round the course with more energy, speed and momentum than usual. Not to mention the huge joy factor! The runners, singers and everyone were sooo happy today. Thank you a million times Parvati….and Guru Si Chinmoy for creating this tremendous force for good.

  2. Dear Parvati and all you inspiring Enthusiasm Awakeners (and guests) what an incredible Anniversary celebration you created. I am sure our runners will have a fast and happy day. Your enthusiasm will help their legs feel lighter. Much, much gratitude

  3. Their songs have become a daily part here on your blog, Utpal. So nice they are getting today a little more attention on their anniversary day. On a personal note, I liked that in previous years the lyrics were available, written on a simple piece of paper.

    Enthusiasm Awakeners they really all are!! 🙂

    Their happiness really spreads!! 🙂

    Thank you!!! You give so much of yourselves and this is reflected in the runners´ putting up skits and plays for you or mentioning in different interviews how much the singing helps them.

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