July 26… Stay Positive

Kaneenika has been running for 89 days now on the course.  She has collected 5304 miles but has yet to reach her goal.

This of course makes little sense unless  you are familiar with her history here at the race from last year.  She gave of course a valiant effort over 52 days but came up in the final hour still 86 miles short of the distance.  An injury she received in a fall late in the race kept her back from being able to maintain her pace.

Last night she completed her 37th day this year and ended the day with 2290 miles.

For those of us who have watched her blistering pace over the first month were relieved when she made it to 2000 miles.  She looked unstoppable.  As though nothing could go wrong, and then quite unexpectedly for all of us and in particular for Kaneenika, it did.

For the last week she has been battling sciatic pain and though she has not stopped, she has slowed.  For all of her supporters there has been an inaudible yet collective gasp.  All mouthing silently the words, O please not again.


Since we are now in the late stages of the race the numbers for those of us watching from the bleachers are easily calculable.  The one number that is easily added up to is the number 54.  If she can run that number of miles every day she will complete the race.  Last night she ran 51 miles.

“I guess there were some indications but I guess I didn’t catch them.  Then it came all of a sudden after my break on Tuesday.”(last week)

kaneenika miles-1370691

When the problem first arose she says, “I started treating it right away.  Which was helping because it could have been much worse.”

“I didn’t know that it was sciatica from the beginning.  It started as lower back pain.  Which my helper was trying to massage.” The very next night Kaneenika says that she received 2 different treatments.

“There were worries of course but I was trying to stay positive.  I was concentrating on trying to treat it.”

She says that there have been other problems that she has dealt with since she began the race.  This sciatic problem has just been perhaps the toughest.  If there is something to learn from this, who can say.  She says that all these tests ultimately make you stronger.


“To have more faith.”

“When something like this happens it becomes a kind of focal point.  You forget all the other problems that you have.  It changes everything. Also it changes your perspective and how you look at things.”

golden kaneenika-1370413

Kaneenika says that before it happened she had been realizing that there were still more than 2 weeks to go.

For a time she says she began to feel the nagging tugs of doubt.  This event with sciatic pain only intensified her worries.  “Maybe I won’t have enough time to finish the race.”

“Now I am just trying to stay positive.  To stay in a good consciousness, and just to surrender.”

flower kaneenika good-1370683

God loves my mind’s
Positive thoughts,
Positive ideas,
Positive ideals
More than I can ever express.

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The Board


All quiet

pre clock-1370370

The van arrives

pre van-1370379

Torrential rain fell early yesterday evening.  Shoes need to dry.

pre shoes-1370392

Rupantar making his video

pre rupantar-1370387

Yuri comes

pre yuri-1370381

Wide view

pre camp-1370383

Baladev with shoes

pre baladev-1370390

Start Day 38


First steps

first steps-1370399

The sun in the playground

sun shower-1370437

Despite the heat, humidity, and heavy showers Yuri made 66 miles

yuri good-1370649

He now has 2464 miles.  13 ahead of Atmavir


Drying shoes

flower vasu yuri-1370681

Vajra hard at it


Atmavir had 64 miles

atmavir wide-1370496

He now has 2453 miles


He is 89 miles ahead of last year

atmavir wide gc-1370407

“Yes, it really is.  Taking a bench rest at least once a day is great for the spine and the lower back.”


Ashprihanal had 59 miles


He now has 2435 miles


In camp

ashprihanal camp-1370580

Grin and bear it

flower camp-1370579

Vasu had 60 miles

vasu good-1370525

He now has 2355 miles

vasu wide-1370489

He was very concerned about getting his foot wet yesterday during the heavy showers.  He stopped temporarily to protect his blister

vasu aleksei-1370499

In camp

flower vasu-1370575

Time to monkey around

camp monkey-1370700

Kaneenika did 51 miles


She now has 2290 miles

kaneenika akbota-1370706

A treat

flower kaneenika-1370699


camp pictures-1370702

Surasa did 48 miles yesterday.


She now has 2233 miles

surasa vishvarupani-1370504

Surasa needs to average 57 miles a day in order to finish.  After being treated by Dr. Mitch Proffman, the chiropractor who comes on Tuesdays

surasa mitch-1370685

Service road

flower dawn-1370405

Baladev did 55 miles


He now has 2068 miles


The other side

flower baladev-1370686

More pictures

flower camp-1370576

Sopan did 42 miles.  He now has 2042 miles


Out of view

flower sopan-1370558

Stutisheel did 25 miles

stutisheel wide-1370492

He now has 2039 miles



flower stutisheel-1370679

The long journey

wide camp stutisheel-1370584

Ananda-Lahari did 47 miles


He now has 1912 miles


A drink and more

flower ananda-lahari-1370684

“Joe, for safety sake.  I told you.  Maintain at least one hand hold as you ascend or descend the fence.”


Sahishnu making up bags of ice

sahishnu nirjharini-1370694

“It is very special to be able to come out and sing for the runners.  I think they really enjoy it.”

I spoke with Samahita this morning, one of the members of the Enthusiasm Awakeners.  They are celebrating their anniversary tomorrow.

“When Guru was coming every morning it was always very very special.  Guru would compose a song and teach it to us.”

“The songs are really like mantras.  They don’t have to be in Sanskrit.  They can be in English.”  She tells me one of her favorites.


Against the power of the inner joy,
The loudest drum is nothing but a tiny toy.

Sri Chinmoy, Enthusiasm, part 7

“Tomorrow is our anniversary.  It was on the 27th of July that Guru gave us the song, Enthusiasm Awakeners.  He also gave us t shirts in different colors.  We used to always sing in a green shirt the Enthusiasm shirt.  Then when new colors were added it got a little challenging.  There are 7 days in a week and we have 4 shirts.”

In order not to cause any confusion Guru set the day for which shirt to wear.  Parvati has now also made a monthly chart that all the girls can follow.

Charita reads the Daily Poem

poem charita-1370577

Click to Play:


Enthusiasm Awakeners


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The more gratitude you can offer
To God,
The more you can create
Positive thoughts, positive ideas
And positive goals
For yourself.

4 thoughts on “July 26… Stay Positive”

  1. It was so good to see Kaneenika’s interview here, thank you. She can definitely do it.
    And on another note. …..
    That photo of the 2 squirrels climbing the fence was priceless! 😉

  2. Gratitude gratitude gratitude to all of you!! I really bow to all of you as well and for your incredible work and services.
    You cannot imagine how much i am with you all, but of course specially with the runners! Yes,i also have the feeling it’s a particularly hard year. The runners have to carry alot. But they do it so humble and just try there very very best. I am so grateful to them, that they never ever give up and fight so devotedly for it and for most the victory of our Beloved Guru Supreme! I just love everything like anything:):) the singers,the poems, Utpal’s blog,videos, fotos…..sometimes i even feel, I am running there with them. May the Supreme shower upon you, for the rest of the race, everthing He as and is.
    Great luck and health and godspeed!!:):)

  3. Thanks Utpal for bringing us all to the track and making it a living part of our lives.
    I have been enjoying the interviews with these chosen warriors and the sleepless aspiration they display. The whole world will benefit from their selfless offering. I can practically feel the Light spreading from this central point.
    Thx again for virtually bringing us there so that this Light can expand more.
    a GREAT service to humanity!!!

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