June 22… Race of the Heart

I ask Shamita a tough question.  She has been running for 3 days already and other than some digestion problems yesterday, she is doing great.  She starts the day with 185 miles and I am curious just how possible it is for her, or any of the other runners for that matter stay cheerful.

“I feel you enter a sphere where this is possible.  I cannot explain but it just happens to you here.”

Even though this is the 51 year old Viennese runners first time at the 3100 she has lots of experience running multi days.

Shamita says in other long races by the 4th day you are in this sphere.  “You can recover from every race very very quickly.  The most important thing is the joy.  It really gives you wings.”

“If it doesn’t get too hot I will be very happy.”

shamita surasa-1260094

As for her coming here and running the race she confesses that she never really thought about it.  She was a pioneer in the ultra world since the 1980’s, and even 2 years ago ran 640 miles in the 10 day race and got 2nd place.

But the idea of running the 3100 never was too far off her horizon.  “Slowly you grow into this.  You prepare mentally, emotionally, and of course physically.”


“I think mainly this race is a race of the heart.  If you can shut down your mind, not allow it to disturb you, and then amazingly you can really feel the difference.  As soon as you go out of your mind.  A huge flow of energy is there.

(She pauses and smiles) Of course this is not always so easy.”

A good thing is that I am just trying to enjoy running.  I force myself not to think about what day it is, what lap.  Just be here.  So far I have managed.  Let’s hope it goes on like this.”

shamita and dohai-1260280

When ask if these races change you.  “This is the reason why I do them.  I hope, definitely.  For me this race gives me the same feeling as from 10 years ago when Guru was still with us.”

“It is like he is here. Totally.  All this light.  His presence is so visible.  It is amazing.”

flower shamita-1260262

The speed of a heart-race
Is unfathomable.

The Board


The van arrives

pre van-1250920

Shamita’s helper arrives

pre shamita-1250923

Nisanga preparing the table.

pre nisanga-1250934

Rupantar makes his movie as runners start to appear

pre rupantar-1250928

Checking the lap sheets

pre baladev-1250938

Kaneenika getting some fine tuning.

pre kaneenika-1250936

Despite evidence to the contrary there is no monkeying around

pre baladev-1250924

Just a few moments

pre yuri-1250935

Start Day 4


Pradeep enjoying the morning sun

pradeep sun-1250943

Atmavir leads with 233 miles


Being consistent

atmaivr board-1260151

Through the fence


Ananda-Lahari has 227 miles.


He ran 67 miles yesterday


“I just have to say that a bird’s eye view isn’t always soooo great.”

flower crow-1260137

Vasu has 223 miles. He also ran 67 miles


“What happened to the nest?”

flower vasu-1260084

Theresa and her dog Peppy

flowr theresa and pepy-1250978

Yuri ran 70 miles and has 222 miles.


Yuri on the Grand Central side

flowe yuri-1260073

Ashprihanal has 213 and he ran 69 miles

ashprihanal and sopan-1250986

He is now feeling much better

ashprihanal behind-1250947

A little extra light

flower ashprihanal-1260067

Volodymyr has 206 miles

voldy good-1260215

He ran 66 miles


By the school

ashprihanal play-1260085

Surasa has 200 miles


She ran 65 miles yesterday

surasa board-1260264

Kaneenika and friends, old and new.

flower kaneenika-1260150

Her daily flower from Rijuta

flower kaneenika-1260282

Kaneenika has 194 miles


Having some fun with Kanala

kaneenika kanala-1260144

Grand Central

flower sopan-1260072

Sopan has 190 miles.  He ran 60 miles yesterday


Few students these days

flower sopan-1260207

“I have to say I would definitely have given the restaurant 5 stars but I just hate when they don’t have linen napkins.”

flower squirrel-1250946

Theresa enjoying the runners

kaneenika theresa-1250990

Baladev did 57 miles


Working on his feet

baladev feet2-1260268


baladev feet-1260270

Across from the school


Nirjarini and her crew bringing the morning snacks


Stutisheel has 145 miles


He was having some pretty serious problems yesterday but says by late afternoon he was feeling better

stutisheel and-1260050

“It is really special because it is so inspiring.”  This is not Jadranka’s first visit to the race.  That took place way back in 1998 but over the years she has been only able to follow the race from afar.  She is looking forward to helping out and being inspired by the race this time all summer.

“It is something that is over and beyond what the mind can comprehend.  I have been following all the blogs and was hoping that one day I could come for a longer time.  And this year it happened.”


Jadranka remembers that back in 1998 Sri Chinmoy would come often to the race.  Circling around and around the course and offering prasad.  She says now the dynamism is different.  “The runners are making more miles.”

On those years when she has not been able to come she feels that she so closely identifies with the race that her soul is here. “The feeling is completely real.  I get a lot.  I can go through the entire summer and run every day.  I am really at the race.”

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Nilpushpi reads the daily prayer

poem nilpushpi-1260146

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Poem Nilpushpi


Enthusiasm Awakeners


The silence of the mind
And the peace of the heart
Are inseparable.

flower sun-1260064

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  1. Amazing. Shamita I’m so happy and proud of you for doing this incredible race. May you stay happy and strong so the Supreme can use you as a divine Instrument. Thanks Utpal for another awesome entry in this Perfect Journal of Perfection Journey.

  2. wonderful blog again, thank you Utpal! very nice poems in the videos. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Your blogs are so beautiful and you are giving to us every day a new inspiration. I am so grateful for being part of the race and your blog, too. Thanks a lot.

  4. I really, really appreciate following your blog,
    I admire your greatly inspirational, soulful, heartfelt, imaginative, and cute blog-creation-service,
    And I adore the consciousness transmitted to us, energizing, illumining and re-awakening our lives.

    Thank very much!!!!!!!

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