June 20…Happiness At Every Moment

Yesterday 54 year old Volodymyr Hlushchuk on his first day in the Self Transcendence 3100 mile ran 74 miles.  He has been waiting for this opportunity for more than a decade and he is grateful and glad that it has at last arrived.

“For many years I have been looking forward to taking part in this race.”  It was back in 2004 that he had first applied but was turned down.  “After that I submitted my application many many more times.”

Volodymyr gradually realized that as much as he thought he was ready each time he applied he wasn’t. “I needed to grow a little more.”


This year he says he simply surrendered and didn’t even apply.  However it was not unnoticed that he did a personal best in the 10 day race just 6 weeks earlier with 643 miles.  After which he was taking it easy and simply preparing himself for next years 10 day race.  “Then all of a sudden they invited me to the race.”

To his surprise he suddenly felt, ” I am not ready.”

The race director told him though that he thought that he was ready.  Volodymyr took this very seriously, as if his late spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy was requesting this of him in and through the race director.  “I realized then that I must run.”

Still he was surrendered and inwardly asked for help from his late teacher asking for him to please run in and through him.

He laughs as he describes this experience now on his 2nd day.  “Basically Guru is running in and through me.”  Beaming with joy he adds, “I don’t know how this is happening.”


When asked what his goals might be he says that he is only trying to find happiness at every moment.  “To see Guru in front of me.”

So far he feels as though he is being guided along very directly.  Knowing spontaneously when to run and when to rest. “Through my soul he is showing me how to orchestrate all this.

“With this approach no matter how far Guru wants me to run I am happy.  I feel good and everything is good.  Therefore I have no plans in the mileage or in what place I may get.”

Translation courtesy of Lyalya

volodymyr camp-1250582

The heart needs happiness
At every moment
So it can move forward,
Dive inward
And fly upward.

The board after the first day.


Baladev arrives and later in the morning will have to leave the course and see a dentist.

pre baladev-1250240

Shamita and Dohai checking the mileage sheet.  She did 66 miles.

pre girls-1250235

Kaneenika did 75 miles.

pre kaneenika-1250242

A Baladev toe

pre foot-1250253

Janos checking the boards

pre janos-1250228

Nothing but the best of course.

pre cmp-1250230

The boys

pre boys-1250249

Surasa getting organized

pre surasa-1250226

Taking it easy

pre baladev-1250250


pre yuri-1250247

Shamita ready to go

pre shamita-1250225

Kaneenika getting a massage

pre kaneenika-1250256

Start Day 2


A beautiful day in Queens

wide gc-1250359

At the start of the day Ananda-Lahari is the race leader.

ananda-lahari board-1250556

In all his years of running the race it is uncertain if he has ever led before.  He ran 84 miles on day one.


A tiny branch


The sun low in the sky


Atmavir was 2nd with 83 miles

atmavir good-1250422

Atmavir running by the Enthusiasm Awakeners

wide parvati-1250403

The roadside flowers

flowe 3-1250365

Always song and always encouragement

flower hands-1250408

Vasu was 3rd with 82 miles.

vasu good-1250393

He looks very comfortable.

vasu camp-1250440

Across the street


Nirbhasa counting this morning


Also involved in some discussion

camp nirbhasa-1250579

Of all kinds

flower 5-1250362

For just about anyone else Ashprihanal’s 80 miles would be great

ashprihanal head-1250314

He jokes when asked what is wrong.  His answer, “everything.”

ashprihanal sil-1250353

He will find the key no doubt very soon

ashprihanal cammp-1250457

Yuri did 80 miles as well

yuri good-1250468

Yuri getting mail

yuri mail-1250569

Yuri taking the corner

flower yuri-1250346

Adesh perfroming


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Kaneenika did 75 miles


Niharika giving her some massage.

kaneenika medical-1250583

With one of her helpers

kaneenika and helper-1250475

Shamita and Surasa

flower shamita surasa-1250350

Surasa did 70 miles


Stutisheel also did 70 milles

stutisheel head-1250319

The corner


Nirjarini arrives with the morning snack


Sopan also did 70 miles


168 st

flower sopan-1250369

Baladev did 68 miles


The fence

flower volodymyr-1250515

Shamita did 66 miles


Ray Krowlweiz knows the 3100 mile race very well.  He spent just about his entire summer here in 2014 running the race.  What is remarkable about Ray is that even when completing the distance was out of the question he stuck it out and did his best.  Ray remains a great friend of the race and last night came for a visit along with his friend Sherry.


When asked if he has had enough of the race, “O God no.  I am trying to figure out how you all will let me back in.  I need to come back and I need to finish.”

“People say it was great that you did 2,014 miles.  I feel that was a failure.  I got beat by more than a thousand miles.”

“I made a lot of mistakes when I ran it, and I ran with my ego and not my heart.”  He feels that the race is doable but it is essential that the ego be put away. “I have seen people bring egos here in addition to me and even if they finish it is not usually their best performance.”

At the race in 2014

At the race in 2014

Other things he would do differently.  “I would like to enjoy more the camaraderie and friendships with the other runners.  I would like to have that.  There is so much energy in that.  It is more of a community than I realized.” The race he says made him refocus on who he really was.  “I learned a ton.”

When I ask Ray why Ashprihanal is so successful he says it is because he runs from his heart and is joyous with every step.  “He is really the essence of what I would like to be.”

Ray a long time ago

Ray a long time ago

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Poem of the Day


Read by Ajita:

Prayer Haita

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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If you want to be happy,
Then at every moment listen
To the whispering child
In your heart.

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  1. Bigalita says:

    I am sooo happy you are all here again. We watched you on the big Screen at the Austrian Joy Day in Gmunden, and it brought so much joy, admiration and inspiration to us all. did you hear our enthusiastic applause??
    So THANK YOU ALL, runners, helpers, and everybody remotely involved – we are all helping to spread the Supreme’s Light in our own way. Thank you Utpal because really you make it all possible by allowing us to be a part of this world illumining event.

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