June 19th… To See That Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things

At 6 a.m. this morning the 3100 mile race started for the 20th year in a row.

For Ashprihanal his appearance here for the 14th time is something truly historic and significant.  This 45 year old runner from Finland set the record here last year and could so easily have left it at that, but he did not.  Last year as well he equaled Suprabha’s incredible record of running the race 13 times.

Something spoke within him.  The champion enters the ring once more.  His joy and delight writ large across him.

This morning he is sharing this special moment but as well with a Joy Day taking place in Austria.  You can hear them cheering in the background.

pre ashprihanal-1240847

Stutisheel is running the race for the 12th time.  “Every day is new.  Every breath is new.  Every 3100 is new even if you have done it before.  It is a new challenge, it is something big and I am looking forward to it.”

Stutisheel feels calm in these few minutes before the race.  He says what worries he might have had all came and past earlier in the week. “But now I am pretty good.  I am at peace.  I am focused.”

He wears a headband that Sri Chinmoy gave to him in 2006.

Link to his website:


pre stutisheel-1240821

Sahishnu said before the race started, “The real reason for the race is to inspire other people in other walks of life.  To get them out of their comfort zone and to try and achieve a little bit more, and to also discover other capacities inside themselves.  That is the ultimate goal.”

“To see that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.  You can say this about a lot of other ultra races they are a long test, but this is a long long long test.  It is like running from Los Angeles to New York with a also a side trip to Trenton New Jersey.”

pre sahishnu-1240840

Why start?
Just start and see.

How to start?
Just start and feel.

When to start?
Just start and reach.

Sri Chinmoy, The Wings of Light, part 5, Agni Press, 1974

Photo by Jowan 2007

Shamita is running for the first time.

pre shamita-1240814

This is Yuri’s 4th time here.

pre yuri-1240824

Sanjay is making a documentary of the race this year.

pre sopan-1240818

Jowan taking pictures.

pre jowan-1240842


pre wide intros-1240860

Everyone is in place at last.

pre runners-1240862

Those early laps.

runners approaching

The board just starting to receive its increasingly heavy load.


Ashprihanal thrilled to be here and running.


Also glad to have his friend Sopan in the race.

ashprihanal sopan-1240942

There is no scaffolding on the course this year.


Ananda-Lahari a veteran of the race.


This is Kaneenika’s 2nd time at the race.


She is incredibly talented and experienced athlete.

kaneenika head-1250076

She is going to do her best.

kaneenika wide-1240963

Matt Green is here for the start just as he has done most years.  He has been working on a project of walking the length of every st in New York city.

He has completed about 7350 miles over the past 4 1/2 years.  Matt loves it and still has a long way to go.


Matt green-1240946

Counters in the camp


Atmavir running for the 9th time.


A rock painted by Joey decorates the fence.


“It is about time you runners showed up.  I have been waiting all summer even though summer doesn’t start for 2 more days.”

squirrel 2-1240933



One hour past.


Visitors to the start of the race.


Volodymyr running for the first time.



vasu wide-1250024

The numbers quickly start to increase.

sahishnu vasu-1250152

Vasu and Stutisheel


Surasa set the women’s record here last year at age 56.


Sopan climbing the hill


Sopan focused.


The very first shift of counters.


Shamita getting help from her husband Dohai.

shamita getting help-1250159

She is glad to be here for the first time.


She has tremendous experience.

shamita wide-1250147

Just before the start of the race she was given a gift by her Austrian friends.

shamita's gift-1250150

She has quite a few instructions for her handlers to follow.

shamita instructions-1250156

“This has to be the best seat in the house to watch the race except there are no seats.”




A tiny bit of green


Across the street the Father’s Day marathon is taking place.


Nirbhasa somehow drifts across the street to be where he spent all of last summer running the race himself.


A t shirt with the words Sri Chinmoy used to describe the 3100 mile runners.

paramita's shirt-1240874

A rose






Just a few of Nirjarini’s cooking crew


Suprabha has seen the 3100 mile race from its very beginning and even more.  She ran the 2700 mile race which took place the year before.

“It has always been astonishing and marvelous.  I think Guru set it up that way.  He had the vision that it was possible.  All those who stood at the starting line and continue to be on the starting line just have to go with the dream.”


“It has always been thrilling.  Once you have done it a few times you kind of know what you are in for.  Inside there is a little bit of trepidation.  But no matter what your experiences by the end I have never hung on to the difficult parts.”

“What you keep with you are the beautiful moments and the victory of the finish.”

Suprabha describes Ashprihanal as simply amazing.  She says that he sometimes looks as though he is part bird.  “He is kind of unique.  He sometimes has this puzzled look on his face like the Little Prince.  That he has just arrived from some other planet.  At the same time he is totally aware and totally tuned in.  Also always in a very nice consciousness.”

She says that his pace is so fast that it inspires and motivates all the other runners.  “Also he doesn’t get bogged down with blisters.  He seems to be somewhat immune.  But every one has their moments because it is challenging. He rises above a lot of that.”


I ask Suprabha whether or not the outside world understands the race.  Her reply, “Do we understand the race?”

She recalls a time when the great runner Ted Corbitt was questioning with Sri Chinmoy whether or not he should run the 6 day race again.  At the time he had to have been at least 80 years of age.  Sri Chinmoy humbly said that when one runs these kind of races their participation inspires the world in ways they cannot even imagine.

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poem tanya-1250197

Tanya reads the poem of the day.


Enthusiasm Awakeners


These are my golden children. When they run, every breath of theirs enters into my heart-affection, love, sweetness and fondness for them. How I appreciate the runners! How I admire them! God alone knows the depth of my appreciation and admiration.

Sri Chinmoy, My golden children, Agni Press, 2013



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  1. Uptal, I follow your blog all year and LOVE it when 3100 comes around. Thank you for these updates. Your blog and the inspiration in it is the only way I survive Houston summer.

  2. Thank you Utpal and all the runners for this ever new inspiration.

    To Utpal: I just admire how can you EVERY year add something new to it and always lift it to a higher level! I would really like to learn this one from you.

  3. Thank you so much. This year I was ALMOST there for the race but instead will be enjoying your daily journal with all my Heart. Gratitude. And my love and prayers go to the runners, especially my 3 spiritual sisters bravely embarking on this new journey today.

  4. Gratitude to all for manifesting the Supreme’s dream! Our hearts and prayers are with you. You bring life and inspiration to our lives, ever new inspiration.Thank you, thank you!

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