My Guru’s Smile

In February I heard Uddipan speak about those very precious early days, when he and his family first became students of Sri Chinmoy.  It all took place more than 20 years ago, yet he made it sound timeless and fresh.

His experience is one that is instantly recognizable to all those who have found and continue to maintain a deep inner connection to Sri Chinmoy.

Please click on the link to see a short film on his talk….*apologies for the poor sound quality*

Do you know
What you will eventually see?
You will see
The invisible power of love.
Something more:
You will see
Inside the invisible power of love
The Hour of God
Which unites earth’s crying heart
And Heaven’s smiling soul.

3 responses to “My Guru’s Smile”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Uddipan and Utpal! What a nice idea to tell your story in this way – never mind the sound -, and with such a sweet acting talent! Would be nice to have Nipura`s version next 🙂 (It seems they are having the time of their life right now in Iceland, “on top of the world”: – the spiritual life on our path is definitely not monotonous in any way!) Way to go for more interviews!

  2. Such a sweet and moving story, and beautiful presentation.Thank you both! Audience is ready for more 🙂

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