June 15 At Least Once in My Life

boardIvlady and biket has been a very good first day for all the runners in the 3100 mile race.  The board shows a promising start to the great race, but the weather on this, the second day is not sharing the same bright optimism.  It is cool and the rain comes and goes and comes again with unpredictable moodiness.  The faces of the arriving runners however does not reflect any  disappointment in nature’s daunting damp display. Vlady starts his second day with a very respectable 72 miles

Snapshot 2009-06-15 20-37-46A year ago, Steve Hartman, a reporter from an American television network did a story on the race.  It was near the end of the 3100 and I asked him what he thought about the race after having spent a day with the runners.  He said, “How would you even start on a journey like this.  What motivates people to take that first step?  If I was at 2900 miles I could try and finish it.  But I can’t see how they can take the first step.  That seems like the hardest.”

Of course there is not easy answer for a question such as this.  Each who have come here seem to have left any fears and doubts behind them.  They are burdens, much to cumbersome to carry in your heart for 3100 miles, much less for a life time.

ananda lahari and bikepranjalAnanda Lahari 34 from Kysak Slovakia has completed the race 4 times.  He had a tremendous first day completing 80 miles.

Pranjal Milovnik 36 from Bratislava Slovakia has also completed the race 4 times.  He ran 76 miles yesterday.


My morning begins

And I ask my Lord Supreme

What I can do about my doubtful mind.

My Lord says:

“Just shake it off the way you shake off

A persistent fly!”

Excerpt from My Morning Begins by Sri Chinmoy.

pushkar 1

Pushkar Christopher Mullauer is here for the second time and finished his first day tied for 3rd with 77 miles.

He said that at one point yesterday the counter told him that if he did 2 laps more his counting sheet would be full.  He laughs and says, “of course then I did 3 more.”

pushkarPushkar tells me he looked forward to coming back here.  He says however that in late winter he was intimidated about the race, remembering the difficulties he had here last year when he could not complete the distance.  He says, “it was long and tough and quite challenging.” He says however that this experience just made him focus more on transferring his doubt into confidence.  He says, “I knew even last year that definitely I would come back.”

He describes his problems beginning last year when he could not adjust into the flow of the race experience.  He says now though that he is,”happy to be here, grateful to be here, and honored to be here.”

His confidence is such, that he knows that he can do the distance this time.  “There is no doubt about it.  Come whatever comes”

He says he is trying to, “just listen to the heart. Surrender, be relaxed at that point.  Not in the mind. Just go on and be happy.” He says this is how his first day went yesterday and he just hope he can continue in this same way.  If it does he will be in heaven.

Pushkar comments

purnasamarpan 2Purna-Samarpan Querhammer from Hamburg Germany is the birthday boy today. He is now 32.  He had a very good first day with 68 miles.  He seems confident.  The runners will celebrate the day with him later by having a special birthday cake.  Also later on the day will offer its own special surprise by becoming sunny.

purna samarpan

vajraganganeMr. Indispensable, Vajra, helps cheer up the other helpers with some hot chai.

Gangane, who is going back to Iceland tonight, does not seem no to need any cheering up whatsoever.

ananda lahariashprihanalThe morning shifts back and forth between nightmare and nice.

Ashprihanal 38, Helsinki Finland has run this 8 times previously.  He averaged 70 miles a day when he won the race last year.  His first day total was 85.

suprabha alonepranab and momSuprabha has of course run the race for the past 12 years.  In this, her 13th year here, her first day total was 85.

Pranab Vladovic 33, Trnava Slovakia has completed the race 4 times.  Last year he set a personal best by running on average 68 miles a day.  Yesterday he ran 75.

vlady 1Vladimir Balatsky 37 is from the Ukraine and is running the race for the first time.  He says with a laugh, “I don’t believe I am here.”  He tells me that he has been thinking about taking part in the race for more than 3 years.  He has done other ultra races but describes the 3100 as being nothing like anything he has ever done before.  His feelings about coming vlady suprabhahere are strong.  He says, “at least once in my life I knew I must do it.”  He adds, “I am very happy to be here.”  He is also humbled by the other runners who have achieved so much, like Ashprihanal and Suprabha.

vladyAnd it wouldn’t be the 3100 mile race without a daily appearance by Parvati and her singing group.

Parvatis group

click to play

flower and runner

Question: It seems as though man today is only explaining things. When is that going to stop?

Sri Chinmoy: Explanations are needed because we are using the mind instead of the heart. The mind gets satisfaction when something is explained, but why do we need this kind of satisfaction? If I drink milk, I do not need a milk specialist to tell me it tastes good and gives me strength. If I am holding a flower and appreciating its beauty, I do not care to know the scientific explanation of why the flower is beautiful and fragrant. I can be fully satisfied just enjoying the beauty and fragrance of the flower.

Excerpt from

Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy Answers, Part 7

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