June 14 The Beginning of the Great Journey

Snapshot 2009-06-14 22-20-15In 2007 Sri Chinmoy came to his beloved Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race for the last time.  It is a unique and sacred creation of his, this, the longest race in the World.  Yet his life was all about inspiring his students and the world around us all.  It demonstrates clearly that we all can reach higher and travel further, beyond our perceived limitations.  The race is not for everyone, but in it, for everyone who identifies with its lofty message of Self-Transcendence there is a heart felt truth that we all can go beyond and beyond.

Sri Chinmoy at start of 2007 race

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nikadscore board

In so many ways the 3100 race begins with the utmost simplicity and lack of pretension.  Every day two boards are strapped to a fence with the names of those who have decided to embark upon the journey.  Today there are 13 names upon it.  Two have come for the first time the rest are veterans of the event.

In the days leading up today there were dozens and dozens of tasks that needed to be done to even make this possible.  As the days go on jobs will continue to come and go as the runners make their way down the long road in front of them.  Nikhad is cutting out the names of the runners to place them on their individual boxes.

ananda lahari bikevlady bikeMost of the runners even make their way to the race each day by bicycle.  On this first day most come a little early to get set up.  Pushkar arrives here followed by Grahak.  Vlady who is running for the first time arrives a little late but does not seem too bothered.

pranab and mompetr earlyIn more ways than one is the race made up of family.  Pranab has his mom here for a short while to help him  The relationship between the runners is not about competition as much as it is about support and caring.  It is just too hard not to seek help both within and without to go the distance.

sahishnurupantar bannerThe race directors are of course the great pillars of the race.  They have been doing their jobs selflessly and devotedly for 13 years on this race and decades beyond that.  Their work in itself represents a particular and significant form of Self Transcendence.  They do not circle the course but they encircle the lives of those who run with care and concern and a myriad of duties that make it all possible for those who run.  They will not cross the finish line but they will experience their own quiet victories each day they come and give of themselves.

As Rupantar puts up the banner he smiles.  He says, “Sri Chinmoy always wanted to see that the banner was up everyday.  Even if nothing else was.”

start 2sahishnu 1Sahishnu introduces the runners

Sahishnu’s Introductions

pranabpranjal 1We have no idea what happens in the hearts and minds of these champions as they wait to begin.

purnasuprabhaNo matter that they have done the race every year since it began, or whether they are setting off for the first time.

ananda lahari 2ashprhanalThere is little, that those who stand beside their path, and watch them run, can do for them.  Their true strength and endurance comes from  deep within themselves.  But in our support and encouragement, we can help them go forward in both tangible and subtle ways.  Inevitably the best we can do for them is by making ourselves better inner runners.

grahak 1digantaThey will go so incredibly far it is impossible to even imagine it is possible, unless you have done it yourself.  They have come here because their hearts commanded and their minds obeyed.  If we could all listen to our hearts command what journeys the world would take.

Snapshot 2009-06-14 23-23-34

Start of 2009 3100 mile race

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Picture by Jowan

First lap part 1

End of first lap




I was the realisation

Of imperfection-night.


I am the revelation

Of perfection-light.


I shall be the manifestation

Of satisfaction-height.

Excerpt from Sound Becomes, Silence Is by Sri Chinmoy.

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  1. Utpal, This is excellent , keep up the good work during the race, cheers, Prabuddha.

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