Day 51…Never Give Up (August 5)

The beauty of navigation devices or applications is that they, by their very technical nature, can calculate with precision which is the best way to get you to where you want to go.  They make choices sometimes you might not agree with at the time but ultimately later realize that they had grabbed some information from some other remote mysterious electronic source in order to calculate the best solution.

To my knowledge no one has ever gotten lost running the 3100 mile race but I suspect each and every soul who has stepped up to the starting line has longed to reach the finish line in the easiest fastest way possible.  There are unfortunately never any shortcuts other than dialing up your persistence and dedication.  Something that a smartphone can not help you with at all.

Ushika did something yesterday that probably most people didn’t notice.  He ran 71 miles, the most mileage he is done since his very first day at the race which was now 50 days ago.  Will it help him reach the finish line?  Not at all.  When midnight comes tomorrow night he will still be hundreds of miles short, but his inner motivations are not definable.  For there is someplace he is going that is not on any map.

photo by Dipali

When I meet Ushika this morning he and his helper Max have just performed a short comedy skit for the Enthusiasm Awakeners.  “It is a good start.”

When describing Max’s help, “he is not just good he is essential.”

Max describes his role here as being part of a beautiful event.  He says he made progress on many fronts.  “We did a lot of plays and a lot of jokes and it helped me in a lot of ways to improve.” Meaning being more comfortable at public speaking.

Ushika says there are too many adjectives to describe his experience here this year.  “Surprise, miracle.  In the end, you always run out of words.  It is always difficult to describe.”

“At this stage of the race you go so far out of your mind, that it is difficult to think through answers.  Life becomes very simple, especially the mind.  It is not the usual way to function.  But instead in a very cheerful and simple frame of mind.

The Board at the Start of Day 51

Camp early



Anupam updating Smarana’s finish time




A no running day

A finish 5,000 km day


The boys

Start Day 51

A good day for August

Vasu just wants to finish his 5,000 km


The Wall Street Journal has a great story on the race

Ananda-Lahari also will eventually complete 5,000 after a few breaks


Smarana has 3029 miles

The finish in sight

He ran 58 miles

Scheduled finish is 9 am tomorrow


The indispensable Aharan

It is Kanala’s birthday and she has generously sponsored the race today

Harita has 3004 miles

She did 62 miles

Running with Patti Catalano Dillon…The first American woman to run the marathon under 2:30

photo by Dipali

She should finish tomorrow afternoon

Patti with her Dad Phillip

photo by Dipali

So close


Everybody enjoys the article

Over on the service road

Todor has 2873 miles

He ran a remarkable 67 miles

He has 2 days to run an additional 127 miles

Making 3000

photo by Dipali

Flower Todor


Tanuja, Renata and Nayaja


Ushika has 2674 miles

A great team and a great race


Nayaja and Leila




“I keep telling you, lift with your legs or you will throw you back out.”

Nirjharini and Luana


Poem of the Day held by Yolanda

God-loving thought
Is as fresh as
A breath of dawn.

Sri Chinmoy

Aug. 5th, 2006

Yolanda came to be part of Harita’s finish

Enthusiasm Awakeners

I do not give up. I never give up.
But there is nothing in this entire world
That is irrevocably unchangeable.

7 thoughts on “Day 51…Never Give Up (August 5)”

  1. Thank you very much, Utpal, for the wonderful videos! I was looking forward to them every day,always very inspiring! Great editing, which is a lot of work. Gratitude

  2. Beautiful opening song, wonderful lyrics, about the 3100! Who is the singer?
    Your comment that no one has ever gotten lost on the 3100 course; I would have to diasagree with. We are all metaphorically lost, since we are spinning around on this big blue green marble in the middle of the galaxy and stars , trying to make sense of it all. Maybe the runners of the 3100, have actually found their way home… back to God , Guru Sri Chinmoy, Ashem ,Jesus, Ganesh , Shiva , Allah ,and Bhudda.

  3. Congrat to everyone, organizers, runners, helpers, singers, comedians, www crew, and all the world-wide supporters for an amazing 2019 race. Can I add my voice to one runner who said that this race is not long enough? (:-
    Through this exemplary race, we can experience the oneness-world which we are part of.
    Gratitude, Utpal, for such a diversified, artistic, soulful daily offering.
    And congrat to the eight runners for exceptional inspiring courage, humility and determination.
    Our Guru’s vision is, once more, reborn every day and every year through this exceptional transcendence race. Can’t wait till 2020!!! (:-

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