Day 33… Progress Inside (July 19)

“I still need to work to get to the finish line.” Vasu’s long endless summer of running is now drawing closer and closer to a sweet conclusion.  Over the last 32 days he has run 2212 miles and so now has less than 900 more to go.

Something, at the pace he is currently running, he may well accomplish in a personal best and will allow him legitimately to be acknowledged as one who has self transcended himself. How he is judged for his extraordinary courage, fortitude, and sweetness is something that we fallible humanity have not the wisdom nor vision to properly assess.   Though I for one am always awed and humbled to be in his presence.

It is with Vasu’s seemingly endless enthusiasm and dedication that I am most impressed with.  When I speak to him about the work he is doing he says, “I get here much more joy and happiness.  Because here it is so nice.  We run here, we are inspired here, and we inspire other people, and they also inspire us.”

“For me alone it is not possible to do this race.  We do it together.  Some do it consciously and some do it unconsciously.”

2212 miles from St Peterburg

“The runners here are one family.  We try to inspire each other.  It helps us and it helps everybody.  I think the race this year is very important.  If our consciousness is good we just fly if your consciousness is not so good then we must walk, or sleep, or do something else.  I think we are making progress here.  I think we must make progress inside.  When you are in a good consciousness then you can run easily.”

Vasu feels that any experienced multi day runner should look seriously at taking part in this race.  But their decision should be based on a deep inner feeling that they should participate.

The Board at the Start of Day 33 …*Note the totals may not be accurate… the magic number is 1907*


Vajra and Kobi

Rupantar’s video

Karabi and early counter

William arrives

Last night Pipasa drew this beautiful mandala on the sidewalk

Photo by Jowan

Laila appreciates it this morning

Rupantar appreciating one of Joey’s painted rocks

Surasa arrives

Smarana and Ushika


The girls

Start of Day 33

It is an almost perfect day

Vasu ran 68 miles

He now has 2212 miles

He leads Kobi by 53 miles


Aharan and Kamaneeya

Kobi ran 65 miles his best day in more than a week

He now has 2159 miles

Another tremendous effort


Ushika ran 65 miles his most since day one

He is now in 3rd place with 1944 miles

Working on his shoes

He leads Sopan by 3 miles


Checking the totals

Sopan ran 60 miles

He has been very consistent and has 1941 miles

A very good race


Surasa ran 60 miles

She has 1920 miles

She is 13 miles over the magic number


Kaneenika ran 62 miles

She has 1881 miles

At this pace she will catch up


Smarana did 53 miles

He now has 1828 miles

Ever moving forward


William did 49 miles

He now has 1825 miles

Telling a joke

The long road


Ananda-Lahari did 49 miles

He now has 1777 miles





“So every day I start my exercises with 10 chin-ups followed by a half hour on the stationary bike.”

Poem of the Day read by Shambhava

Click to Play:

Shambhava poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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You can be aware of
Your inner progress
By observing the happiness
Inside you.

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