Day 30… More Spiritual (July 16)

“I have no expectations, it is all the Supreme’s grace.”  Sopan humbly answered to my congratulations this morning on his great achievement thus far in the race.  “I feel that there is a force that makes everything work out.  I just try my best.”

“My first race was 2005, 13 years ago, quite a while ago.”  He says that in some ways the race was different when Sri Chinmoy the founder of the race was still with us and in some ways it hasn’t changed.”

He says that both Ananda-Lahari, Smarana and he were fortunate to have the privilege of participating in the race when Sri Chinmoy would spend so much time there encouraging all the runners. “Sri Chinmoy used to be the most regular visitor here.  He would come at least 4 times a day.” Sopan describes how he would bring treats for them and even play music in the same spot that the Enthusiasm Awakeners sing each day.

“Back in the day Ashprihanal and I used to run together at night.  Somehow we would be filled with energy at night.  We used to have fun, tell jokes, have a good time.  So one night, usually runners are tired, but we were having a really good time.  Running, joking, laughing loudly.”

“Then Sri Chinmoy drove by with the window of the car open.  He was excited, so happy to see us.  We were running at good speed and laughing.  He was so happy and he blessed us.” Sopan’s eyes widen and he makes the all so familiar gesture that Sri Chinmoy would so often do.  The hand gently rising up and down and made the sound he so often used to encourage his students, ‘Baaah, Baaah, Baaah.

“He really appreciated our enthusiasm.”

“Now at the race you have to be more spiritual.  You have to really surrender your problems.  Sri Chinmoy had this special capacity to draw your problems.  He had this smile, with it he had the capacity to draw all our problems away.  Now we have to consciously work on surrender. This is the main difference between the race then and now.  But in a way this makes the race more spiritual. Now you have to be able to offer up your problems within yourself.”

Came the moment this morning when it was time for me to leave the race.  I went into the van where I had left all my gear and found Sopan there quietly working on the blisters on his feet.  I sat across from him on the opposite bunk and talked with him for a short while.  Curious how his feet were holding up now well into his 30th day of running on them.

He said that they were fine but now that he was walking more it was creating new problems for his feet which have so far taken him 1759 miles.  Sopan was calm, quiet, and methodical.  There was no hurry and there was no rush.  He like all the runners have to continually do everything right.  Sopan after all does still have almost 1400 miles more to go.

Asked about his performance thus far he is grateful for this opportunity he has been given now for the 7th time.  He said that for him though the numbers were not to be chased after or pursued.  The race was all about the inner experience.

Bonus interview with Sandhani from last night

Weather advisory

The Board at the Start of Day 30 *Numbers may not be accurate… The magic number is 1728 miles*

Camp early

Vajra and Kobi

William comes

Karabi gets ready to count

Surasa arrives

Rupantar does the video

Laila is here already to greet Kaneenika

Surasa works on her shoes

Vajra leaves

Ushika puts on oil

Vasu comes

William checks the mileage update

Ananda-Lahari opens his bag

Kaneenika puts on her shoes

Start of Day 30

The day will get much hotter

Vasu did 63 miles

He now has 2014 miles

He leads Kobi by 47 miles

When he passed 2000 miles he beat his personal best by 2 hours and 37 minutes

Washing shoes


Kobi did the most miles yesterday with 64

He starts the day with 1967 miles

In the morning he makes 2000 miles.  1000 miles further than he has gone before.

Oscar his crew chief


Sopan did 60 miles

He now has 1759 miles

He leads Ushika by 6 miles


Ushika did 61 miles

Receiving the Daily Poem

He now has 1753 miles

He leads Surasa by 10 miles


Surasa ran 59 miles

She now has 1743 miles


Kaneenika ran 61 miles

She now has 1696 miles (32 miles off the pace)

Shoe repair with Laila

Just needs to remain consistent

A great competitor


William did 54 miles

Now has 1672 miles

Wanted to tell a joke about the curvature of the earth but could find no point

Alan pouring a medicinal beverage for William


Smarana did 55 miles

He now has 1670 miles

Progress is his mantra


Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles

He now has 1612 miles

It is day 30




“Nope things definitely do not look better on this side of the fence.”

Sahishnu readies to update the board

Stota and Daulot read the daily Poem

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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No more delay
In my heart’s spiritual progress —
No more, no more!

5 thoughts on “Day 30… More Spiritual (July 16)”

  1. Who is the winner? Not he who wins, but he who has established his cheerful oneness with the result, which is an experience in the form of failure or success, a journey forward or a journey backward.- Sri Chinmoy

  2. Please tell Kaneenika I am praying and praying for her! I know that she can and will do it!

  3. Sopan’s words touched me so deeply today. Now more than ever we must offer our problems, and surrender.
    Thank you to all of the runners, and thank you Utpal for these daily interviews. I play them for the people at the centre and they inspire everyone!

  4. Tears flowing watching the videos
    Being for some minutes part of the Race
    To the Race with all its miracles and experiences
    Upward flying high above the yesterday’s standard
    Full of Gratitude
    To the artist offering the gift
    To the runners, able to share experience-treasures
    To the One who brought us all into this play

  5. Ongoing gratitude for the priceless wisdom coming from the runners, the excellent fruits of self-transcendence, which we are all sharing in! Deeply grateful, we are being carried through the summer with daily upliftment.

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