Day 27… Completely New Journey (July 13)

“I feel very very good.  I am very blessed.  I think it is getting better and better.  I can say I feel very good every day.”

If one were just looking at the scoreboard it would appear that Ushika is doing spectacularly well.  Yesterday  he ran 64 miles the most he has run since the first day of the race.  But his feeling good is more about what is happening within than the number of little plastic digits stuck to a scoreboard with Velcro.

“It was definitely special when I transcended my mark of 15 days for 1,000 miles.  This was the longest I had ever run before coming to this race.  Since then it has been a completely new journey.  I do celebrate each new milestone.  Like the halfway point yesterday.”

When asked what he did he says, “stop, smile, be grateful, take a picture of the board, and have a beer or an ice cream or both.”

Ushika says he would not have changed anything about his preparations for this race.  “My goal was to be more grateful.  Basically I am crying every day.  Not with pain but with gratitude.  So the only thing I would need would be more gratitude.”

“Yesterday Vasu and I were crying together.  Because as a new comer, I have teething problems, with the muscles, with the skin, with everything. Vasu always checks on me.  Most of the time when some problem arises he suggests some exercise and like a miracle.  Within one or two laps it works.  The problem gets considerably better.”

“Yesterday I told him that each and every exercise he had given me had worked.  I was praising the Supreme’s grace that it was working in and through him.  Then we both started to cry.”

“This was a gratitude moment yesterday.  It was when I realized what a family of heroes I have joined here.  That I am able to join them in running for the Supreme, fighting for the right cause, and growing into the light.”

The board at the start of Day 27 *Please note the totals may not be accurate…..the magic number is 1550*


Kobi and Vajra

William and Tim arrive

Paramartha sets up the counting tables

Surasa arrives

William having a coffee

The girls

Putting on shoes

Vasu arrives


Ananda-Lahari puts out shoes to dry

Start Day 27

Nice morning

Vasu had another 68 mile day

He now has 1813 miles

He leads Kobi by 36 miles

He makes a point of talking to all the runners when he can every day to inspire them


Kobi did 64 miles

He now has 1777 miles

Taking a 5 minute break

The sign on the canvas beside him

This morning with Oscar his crew chief who takes his job very seriously


Sopan did 61 miles

He now has 1575 miles

He is 9 miles ahead of Surasa


Surasa did 58 miles

She now has 1568 miles

With Vishvarupani.  She is one mile ahead of Ushika


Aharan getting ice for drinks

Ushika did 64 miles

He now has 1567 miles

All gratitude

With great helper Oscar


Smarana did 62 miles

He now has 1551 miles

Early morning he leaves the course to take a break and try and get more rest


Kaneenika did 62 miles

She now has 1512 miles

She needs now to average 61.07 miles a day

Kaneenika the great


William had a good day with 63 miles

He now has 1510 miles

With Tim

Telling a joke


Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles

He now has 1464 miles

All joy


Day 27 with Super Mario

Sahishnu getting ready to update the boards

“Love the park bench in the mornings.  Just need coffee.”

Poem of the Day read by Aranyani

Click to Play

Poem aranyani

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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My outer journey cries and smiles.
My inner journey blooms and blossoms.
And I am the hope-promise-journey
Of Eternity.

16 April 2005
New York

6 thoughts on “Day 27… Completely New Journey (July 13)”

  1. Thnk you Utpal und thanks to all the heroe-runners. Everybody is doing an amazing outstanding performance!!!

  2. First, a big hello to Yolanda, we miss her radiant smile and we wish her a great recovery.

    Secondly, thank you for the beautiful music created for the videos.

    And always, thank you to the runners and helpers for being the conduits for a most beautiful, powerful consciousness.

    And thank you Utpal for your excellence, service and love for this divine race.

  3. Yes, Sarita, it would be really really great, or he can put out Q:A for himself, like what is the most difficult, what inspires him the most, what kind of problems he faces every day to put such an amazing i interviews and so on!

  4. Great idea, Utpal! We all marvel at your capacity, and would love to hear a few secrets or tips. We are truly grateful for being able to participate in this immortal event, thanks to your reporting!

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