Yolanda’s Finish…51 Days 17 Hours

Yolanda’s Finish Video

Final Laps

Empty chair

Smile Baby Smile

Nirbhasa getting a foot massage from his sister

“We can’t wait”

At long last

The smile


Daughter Tiffany

World Record



World class supporters Cathy Troisi and Kent Moore

Eddie and Valerie

The 10 Magnificent Runners

6 thoughts on “Yolanda’s Finish…51 Days 17 Hours”

  1. Utpal, you had 52 days report-race as well. Filmed every single morning’s start, seleted beautiful music, inspiring aphorisms, created interesting interviews. You are a record holder for all the years that you do this tremendous Service. Please accept a trophy of Gratitude from all the readers of your Blog.

  2. Thanks for including 2 more posts with footage from their finish! Yolanda’s performance is so striking on many levels – the first person to race walk rather than run the race, the first African-American participant, the second American female to ever finish, the amazing feat that she did it on her first time in the race, her age, the list goes on and on! We are all so lucky to have her achievement to inspire us and to remember as a contributing factor to make this year’s 3100 mile race a singular and special one for the history books!

    And you were the one to report every day from the race to bring it alive for us right as it was unfolding! Bravo Utpal!

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