July 4…Unlimited Power of the Heart

If Stutisheel had for some reason decided not to run around Thomas Edison High School these past 15 days, and instead headed South west.   He would have, as of this morning, nearly made it to Memphis. A distance of 890 miles.

This 46 year old Ukranian born runner has spent a lot of summers and run a lot of miles here in the United States.

Though technically he may not have spent a lot of time exploring its geographical boundaries he seems each year to be drawing closer and be more inspired by America’s inner qualities.

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This morning he came dressed in an American flag outfit.  Something he has been doing regularly for nearly all the 12 summers he has run here.

Along with Ashprihanal and Sopan they perform a short skit where each portrays a different President.  Stutisheel played the part of President Kennedy.  He recited a short passage from the speech that President John Kennedy gave at his inaugural address in January of 1961.


And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

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“Somehow I find this so inspiring, and it resonates in my heart.  I hardly believe I am still running.”

“I remember that I believe Guru once said that all ultra runners serve their countries in a most special way.  I still cannot fathom what this way is but probably when a runner goes through all this hardship you have to stay more connected to your inner source.  You are praying, you are your are crying, your are invoking.  Somehow it must elevate other people also.”

“In the beginning I had a few tough days.  Since then I have been running pretty steadily.  That is my goal.  Not to have high mileage the first half of the race.  But to be steady.  So far I am very satisfied.”

“Then when the second half comes, with all its surprises.  We will see.”


“To tell the truth.  This edition of the race is very different from last years edition.  Many runners agree that this time we have much more sweetness.  Somehow there is not so much intensity.”

Like when Ashprihanal and Surasa established their world records.  Stutisheel says that Ashprihanal was so focused last year that he barely remembers anything about his experience here last year.


“This is like inner sweetness, inner feelings.  On the outer plane there is also power and determination.”

“Meditation is a source of unlimited power.   It is unimaginable.”  You cannot describe the power of it by comparing it to all the things that we normally think of as powerful in the outer world.  The inner power is not harsh or destructive.  It is all peace and harmony.  In turn this inner power manifests itself through extraordinary events like the 3100 mile race.

flower stutisheel-1300070

Limited is the power of the vital.
I am sure by this time
You have known it.
Equally limited is the power of the mind.
I am sure by this time
You have realized it.
But unlimited is the power of the heart.
You will realise it
Before long.

The board


The van arrives

pre van-1290838

Vajra, his cleaning done gets ready to go.

pre vajra-1290850

Yuri locks his bike

pre yuri-1290848

Dohai tests out a roller

pre girls-1290851

Rupantar and Misha put up a flag

pre rupantar-1290853

Stutisheel arrives in his American flag outfit

pre stutisheel-1290861

Shamita feels an early morning chill

pre shamita-1290845

Yuri has his morning yogurt

pre yuri-1290856

Start Day 16


First steps

first steps-1290869

A little bird told me

flower vsu-1300006

Vasu once again did 71 miles


He now has 1086 miles


Vasu coming into camp

flower vasu-1300152

Atmavir did 69 miles and made a 1000 miles yesterday.  He has 1054 miles


Something special


“Alright, I promise never to eat a whole cheese cake again, after you have gone to bed.  Can we just finish this walk.”


Yuri did 65 miles and also made 1000 miles yesterday.  He has 1033 miles


Coming through camp

camp yuri-1300162

Service road

wide gc yuri-1290875

Ashprihanal did 50 miles yesterday


Today he briefly performs as Thomas Jefferson.  He recites from the Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.


Because of the American holiday Suprabha is here and does a lap with Ashprihanal.

ashprihanal suprabha-1300233

The picture Rupantar has brought today is of the first 1300 mile race in June of 1987

ckg 1300 1987-1300228

Sri Chinmoy: I am very happy with the way my spiritual students have created such a good atmosphere for these people and are inspiring them in the running world. As I said, the world is all one family. We are inviting our brothers and sisters to come to our races, and it gives us joy when they participate. Our 1,300-mile race is like a Thanksgiving Day celebration. Once a year the family comes together for Thanksgiving, and it gives us all such joy to see one another again.

Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy answers, part 29, Agni Press, 2001

Surasa did 64 miles and has 973 miles


Kaneenika did 64 miles.  She along with Surasa and Ashprihanal will reach 1000 miles today

kaneenika board-1300163

She starts the day with 953 miles


Bells will ring when the 1000 miles come

flower bell-1300159

Shamita did 60 miles

shamita wide-1300161

She has 928 miles


By the fence

flower shamita-1300179

Stutisheel did 60 miles and has 890.  Getting checked on by Nijarini

stutisheel nirjarini-1300230

A big day

flower stutisheel-1300164

There may be July 4th traffic on the tree limb.  Maybe I will just take the fence to get to the beach.”


Sopan early

flower sopan-1290883

Sopan did 42 miles and has 864 miles.

His lines in the play this morning as he portrayed Abraham Lincoln.  “My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.”


168 st

flower final-1300011

Baladev did 53 miles and has 856 miles



flower misha-1300105

A little owl hiding in the grass

flower ananda-lahari-1300013

Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles and has 839 miles


Morning sun

flower ananda-lahari-1290882

Volodymyr did 52 miles


He has 789 miles


A fallen leaf

flower volodymyr-1300003

The cooks arrive with the morning snack

cooks arriving-1300225

“I hope by now you have seen enough squirrels. It time for the dogs to take over.”


“When you watch the race from afar you pick up highlights or look at one person closely or one aspect.  The thing that hit me the other day coming and seeing for the first time.  Was how much harder it was than you imagine.”

“The runners are all very disciplined and focused.”  This says Devashishu when comparing it to the 10 day race which he has seen quite a lot of in the past few years.


“These runners you really admire what they are going through.  Also the mileage.  You know about it theoretically.  But when you see it here you see they can’t afford to go too slowly.  They can’t afford to walk the whole thing.  They have to make their daily mileage.  That’s impressive. They don’t waste time.”

“There is like an energy that is created here.  They keep coming round and round.  You can really feel it. I always felt with the races, and Guru mentioned it, that they are offering something to the world.  It is a consciousness of self giving and of courage.”

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Devashsihu reads the Daily Prayer


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Devashishu poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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This Heart is Your Heart

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This heart 2

When you live the spiritual life, you live in Eternity. This Eternity does not present itself as a problem, but as an inspiration, encouragement, aspiration and illumination. It is Eternity that is constantly carrying us into the immortal Self and that immortal Self is our real Self.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM – Vol. 3, No. 7,8, Feb. – Mar. 27, 1968, Boro Park Printers — Brooklyn, N. Y., 1968

 sun flower-1290887

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