To See Tomorrow

These are the champions who will by tomorrow no longer have time to stand still or even rest for very long.  Tomorrow the relentless challenge of completing 3100 miles begins.  Only 52 days to complete this Himalayan summit goal.


For Ashprihanal this is not a new challenge.  He has conquered this greatest of all distance running races 12 times before.  This 44 year old from Finland will try and do what only Suprabha has done.  Complete this race for the 13th time.


The race directors make final announcements.  Galya and Stutisheel listen and wait for tomorrow.


Everyone listens and everyone waits.


12 have come to run, but many others try to help and serve in so many ways.




Much last minute preparation needs to be done


Atmavir has returned after an absence of one year.  This will be his 8th race.


Surasa is back after a couple of years.


Sahishnu makes sure all the numbers add up just so.


Pranjal will not be able to run this year but finds instead other ways to help in the week that he is visiting the 3100 mile race.


Nirjarini and her crew starts cooking tomorrow.


It is a time for friendships to be renewed.


Kneenika a veteran multi day runner now runs her first 3100 mile race.


Pradeep, who has run the race before has come to offer aid to Nirbhasa who runs for the first time


This is Baladev’s real home

*Ananda Lahari will arrive today


I shall live on earth
To see tomorrow,
Not the way my vital desires
To see tomorrow
But the way my soul envisions
Tomorrow’s perfection
And tomorrow’s satisfaction.

4 thoughts on “To See Tomorrow”

  1. Good luck to all the runners!! The joy and thrill of this great adventure can be felt across the Atlantic Ocean here in Europe as well!
    Thank you Utpal, for documenting this epic adventure year after year.

  2. I have been looking forward to this race for quite some time. It is the *best* time of the year for me actually. I don’t think everybody can run this race, but I feel connected with it in some inner way for many years and will try again to inspire the runners and all by sending encouraging e-mails to them daily. Be prepared, I got lots and lots of jokes. And as always – thank you, Utpal!

  3. I am getting ready to sit again daily in front of my computer and watch and listen to the amazing unfoldment of my sisters and brothers showing me what it truly means to “go deep within” and to go way beyond the body and live in the soul. My deepest heartfelt GRATITUDE to everybody, runners, helpers and admirers.You are in my prayers, Bigalita

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