July 17: Deep Inner Peace

“A few days ago when I made my Peace Prayer movie it was such a good experience.  It was for me at least, but I also believe it was for everybody.”

Prayer For Peace


Who knows exactly how the inspiration first came to Stutisheel.  He like several other runners are making their own daily videos and posting them.

For a lot of people, particularly their friends it is a way to get a real taste of life here and to see and hear directly from the runners themselves.  It is nearly always a powerful experience.  Particularly if you can even begin to identify with all the long hard effort that takes place here just to keep moving, little alone take videos or write in blogs about it.

Stutisheel’s idea was simple.  Ask each of the 13 other  runners, including himself to make a short comment on peace in their own language.  Since he had to actually do some editing he had a chance to really appreciate the full impact of their collective sentiments.


Most of the time the outside world doesn’t intrude very much at all into the lives and worlds of the 14 runners.  Just waking up, taking care of an injury, and most definitely making their laps are their first priority always.  Quite often visitors say that when they come here to the block the atmosphere changes immediately to something, for lack of a better word, divine or peaceful once you are actually here.

As always, the rest of the world is its customary vortex of activity. A blend of catastrophe and triumph at every moment.  As best as we might try and ignore the worst of it, some events cannot be so easily put aside, particularly if it directly impacts on our own lives.  But If we put all our focus on all the disasters and all the conflict that stirs and twists in dark angry currents across our world we can so easily miss the direction and inspiration of what are supposed to do with our own lives.

Stutisheel collected all the short clips and put it together into a very short movie.  In so doing came to just a little better understanding of just how precious and sacred his little world is here.  How once you see beyond the pain and fatigue that relentlessly exerts their torments, the limitless world of inner peace is also here too.

“In particular I was very touched by how William expressed his wishes.  He was running.  He was very focused.  When he said it, he said it with tremendous force and sincerity.  I wish for Peace and Love in the World.  My goodness.  It was so inspiring.”

“Then I compiled everything together….and this was wow!”


“Sri Chinmoy said that Self-Transcendence is always accompanied by peace.  When you are giving your all, and you are expanding your limits.  Which is not at all easy and comfortable.  But in so doing you feel tremendous peace.  I just love those moments of deep inner peace and quite high outer intensity.”

“When you have 14 runners running for 33 days.  Which is no joke at all.  Doing 60, 65, 70 miles.  Literally I see in the eyes of the runners a flood of peace.  Their vibration is so peaceful.  So I do believe that we can somehow offer our drop of peace to the world at large from here.  This is my feeling.”

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First things first.
You do not have to know
The secret of peace.
You just have to know
The secret of self-transcendence.
Your self-transcendence
Will surround your entire being
With peace.

Sri Chinmoy, Peace-Blossom-Fragrance, Part 6, Agni Press, 1994


For the second time in the race Sarvagata reached 135 laps for one day.  That is 74 miles.  William ran 123 laps, the most since his first day and is now demonstrating the kind of form and tempo that he has probably wanted to show since day 1.


Sun and clouds and low humidity.  A high of 81, known in these parts as a perfect day.


William will not have help for most of the day. Tarit left yesterday and Alan arrives late this afternoon.


Vasu arrives.


Start Day 33


we really do not know from one day to the next just what Sarvagata will do next.


Yesterday he ran 135 laps or 74 miles.  His 2244 miles this year, are just 16 miles short of his winning time on this same day in 2011.


He also 3 years ago put in an 80 mile day.


He is 856 miles from home and he has just about the best helper he could have ever wished for, his sister Sarvadhara.


Yuri had 116 laps, his lowest since many weeks earlier.


No big problems likely.  He has 2135 miles.


Pranjal on the other hand had a great day of 119 laps.


He says that 2 days ago was the first day it had rained a long time.  He describes it as lasting 4 hours. “I had a pretty hard day.”


“I didn’t have any problems with my strength.  But you have to stop a lot of times because of the rain.  Everything is much slower.  So I lost a lot of laps a lot of miles.  But that is the game.  The other thing is that yesterday afternoon I crossed 2000 miles.


So I checked it against my personal best which I didn’t did in 2010.  Back then I was 30 miles faster.”

He has 2090 miles so far which is at least 58 more miles than last year.


Vasu had his best day in a week with 124 laps


He has 2059 miles so far.  Which is 34 miles less than last year.


Nothing can hold back the sun or ever contain the sky.


You know it is actually true….. the early bird does get the worm.


The later birds get:

You promised no more processed foods for breakfast.  Only whole grains.  Now look at us.


Most mornings Stutisheel starts out quick.  Yesterday he ran 123 laps and has 2024 miles.


“I have had quite a few good days and I am feeling better and better, every day.  I mean stronger and stronger.”

“The weather has been just a miracle.  I think only once in 10 years it has been like this.”


“I just said to Galya, what a race he missed.”


Stutisheel is running the race for the 10th time and is still only 44.  I ask him what is his impression of 60 year old William.  “I have total admiration for this guy.  He is very determined, very sincere, and at the same time very humble.  In spite of all his records, and really being a star in multi day running.  He is a very good guy.”

“Before the race I met with Sahishnu and William in the Panorama cafe.  We talked for the first time there.  I knew him from before at the six-day race.  His first words, it is my honor, I bought your book on Amazon.”


Sarah had 111 laps yesterday.


Sarah starts the morning at 1983


By late morning she also passes 2000 miles.

photo by Sarvadhara
photo by Sarvadhara


She is averaging 61.98 miles a day.  At this rate she could complete the race in just over 50 days.


When you tell me that I am the best dog in the world I believe you.  Can you scratch my ears a little longer too.


Jayasalini had another 111 laps day.


Getting that one extra lap means so much.


That lap can come from all the little things adding up and of course the big big effort of her helpers like Manjaree


Being happy and staying focus perhaps the most important ingredients in Jayasalini’s success so far.


Also she somehow manages to have fun.  Here doing some kind of skit with Nidhruvi.  That may have something to do with both girls being blonde.


Nidhruvi also has great help.


She did 107 laps yesterday.  But over the next 20 days she has to get just a few more laps a day in order to make the cut off. She starts the day with 1899 miles.


Hidden beauty.


Thank heavens for the benches in the park.  I just had to sit down.


Well there is plenty of room over here too.


Volodymyr keeping watch on his runners.


William had 123 laps yesterday his most since day 1.


Sarvadhara has kindly offered to help William until Alan shows up late in the day.


Everything seems to be working just perfectly for William right now.  He has 1873 miles and is on pace to make the deadline of 52 days.


A superb competitor and one who knows how to pace himself.


Baladev had 98 laps yesterday.


He recited some of his latest poems this morning for me.


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flower-legsOuch…. I have got such a cramp in my left foot.


Teekshanam is learning a lot from this race and enjoying himself at the same time.


He is discovering great things about himself here.


He has been around this loop 3244 times so far.


The laundry is definitely putting too march starch in my shirt collars.  I have got such an itch.


Sopan and Teekshanam quite often find themselves together on the course the past few days.


Sopan managed to complete 64 laps and has 1574 miles.


You have to have such admiration for all of them who are out here and are enduring so much.


Stronger than you think


I am very delighted to make your acquaintance.  Do you mind if I sniff your hand first.


Ananda-Lahari did 75 laps yesterday.


He has 1503 miles.


I am sorry I am just a tiny bit nervous.  I thought somebody mentioned that there was a dog here.


Of course this picture needs some explanation.   But yes just behind the flower is Ray Krolewicz


Having done 111 laps yesterday.  His most since the first day you might think he is just a little extra tired.  That is 60 miles.  He starts the day with 1269 miles.  The truth of this picture is that he just wanted to hear the Enthusiasm Awakeners sing.


“I was lying there listening to the music, and kind of meditating.  I saw some amazing things.  Then all of a sudden with my eyes closed there was just blue sky.  I said they are finished.  It is time for me to move on.  But I thank you so much for that gift of song this morning.”

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Slightly later upon hearing Casey request it, Ray did drink a green smoothie.


 Please remember that not only are flowers beautiful.  They are also very tasty.


Morshed Alam has been walking the course he says just about every day for the past 5 years.  “It is my neighborhood so I should walk here.”


He says he comes here now 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   He says it could be anytime from 5 am until about 7:30, depending on what he has to do for the day. He says he feels the same when he comes here and the race is not going on.  But it is better when the race is happening.  “I have a connection with Guru.  He and I came from the same country.  We speak the same language and he is my friend.”

“Guru used to call me as his guest sometimes.  I used to enjoy my time with him and he used to walk in front of my house.”  He points as we go along, “all  way down there.  So once in a while I used to come out and say hello. how are you?  In our own language.”morshed2

Morshed had been to a number of events in which Sri Chinmoy either performed music, or did lifting, or other things.  “He is a man of peace and harmony.  People are still following his philosophy even after his passing.  That makes me feel good, that the world is not that bad yet.”

He calls himself a community activist and says he just recently retired environmental scientist for the city for the past 30 years.  “My soul feels pleased when I walk here.”

He enjoys observing how so many events are still being put on by the group in the neighborhood, all continued to be inspired by Sri Chinmoy.  “I am learning too.”

“He and I were talking around 1996 when I was running for the school board.  And he said, Morshed, we are going to work hand in hand to change this area.  It was bad at that time.”


“I support him because this area changed because of Guru.  He is doing a lot of good for human kind.  He is exceptional human being who came to earth.  He left something that could not be more powerful.  People will realize, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years, it will be more powerful.  People will realize more how important peace and harmony are and the caring and sharing of humanity.  That is the biggest thing absent in people right now.”


He has 3 daughters and his is trying to inspire in them real values which are more important than name and fame.  “I have lots of feelings for Guru.  One feeling is that my life would not have been complete if I did not meet with him.”  He tells me he is currently writing a book in which one chapter will be devoted to Sri Chinmoy.”

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morshed alam

Prayer of the Day


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Enthusiasm Awakeners.


Song of the Day


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The supreme secrets of a peaceful life:
Expect not; just give.
Delegate not; just start and continue.
Retire not; just aspire for self-transcendence.

Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 13, Agni Press, 1981



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  1. Every morning I run and then here in my little apartment in Sarajevo I check the update while eating breakfast and drinking my coffee 🙂

  2. Hi Utpal
    thank you.

    Peace-loving is my heart.
    I wish, like my heart,
    For all nations to be

    Sri Chinmoy,49454 Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 50, Agni Press, 2009

  3. The “Peace Prayer” is so moving, it brought shivers down my spine:). Keep it up runners! It was so nice to be there and help for few days, such and inspiration!!! Very powerful place! 🙂 May there be peace in the world….

  4. Hi Utpal,
    since a very long time I want to thank you for your great work that you are doing. It is so amazing, that each year you find new ideas! When I have to write only a short article, it takes already sooooooo much time! Thank you!!!

  5. A million times * thank you * for your daily reports, Utpal! You do such an amazing job for everyone to be inwardly part of this big race!! And every summer your reports become more detailed!! It’s all our daily inner nutrition, outer inspiration and joy, joy, joy!!! Please greet all the runners! They are all simply amazing 🙂 !!!!!

  6. Hearing everybody’s prayer for peace in their own language, brought so much power to the fore. I felt like their own souls were reciting it giving their country souls! message to the world.
    Thanks Utpal so much for all the reports, comments and descriptions that you are giving to us. Please send my love and admiration to all of runners. It is our mutual oneness that help us transcend ourselves no matter what we do and be able to achieve such a tremendous and impossible thing like 3100 mile race is.
    Gratitude, Jadranka

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