July 29… I Love The Race

“A very good morning,” Stutisheel says as he greets me.

The rain is falling heavy enough to bounce off his umbrella.  The streets throng with the noisy jostling of thick morning traffic.  Stutisheel is now a 1,000 miles away from the goal and he has only 12 days left in which to do it.

He is walking on a cool wet morning and yet he still smiles.

It is a smile born from a deep and personal understanding of what the 3100 has done to him over the years and also what he has learned an become because of it.  Something he has earned from enduring much and giving his all to this race now over 12 long summers.

“This is a break now in the weather, and the next 5 days will be easier for what we need to do.”

“The major thing is your energy.  If you have energy than you can easily cope with all kinds of weather conditions.  It seems I am totally okay.  I am still not able to run.  I am still recovering from a major break down a few days ago.”

stutisheel good-1360982

“But somehow I feel pretty solid inside.  So I am happy.”

“I still tremendously love the race no matter what happens to me.”

“When you are able to run you have a very good flow of energy.  It is a different kind of experience.  But you need to stay solid and happy with whatever is happening.”

stutisheel-good 2

“A few days ago when I was really down.  I had my worst break down since I have been in the race.  I was sent a very cute joke, that supported me like anything.”

Joke: “Sometimes I feel really tired and I want to stop my life.  It is then, that my guardian Angel touches my shoulder and says, this is not your stop.  Just live on.”


I ask Stutisheel what he likes about the Enthusiasm Awkeners.  “They do what is written in their name.  They awaken enthusiasm and they have a good flow of energy.  They have a good attitude towards life.  It is raining and I am walking, but I can still say with all sincerity.  Life is beautiful.”


“My child, My child, do not plan; do not plan!

I have already planned everything for you.

Just play with me and play for Me. I shall not fail you.

I shall not only take you to your destined goal

but also give you

My Heart of infinite Love and My Eye of infinite Compassion.”

Sri Chinmoy, Fifty-four morning prayer-cries and morning meditation-smiles, Agni Press, 1988

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The Board


An empty camp on a dark wet morning

pre camp-1380502

The van arrives……just looks like Rupantar’s car

pre van-1380505

Misha mixing

pre misha-1380504

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1380510


pre baladev-1380509

Time passing

pre camp-1380503

A Hungarian convention of 2.  Choice of the color blue uncertain

pre hungarians-1380514


pre ashprihanal-1380515

The girls

pre girls-1380518


pre baladev-1380516

Start Day 41


First steps. The rain will come shortly

first steps-1380522

Raindrops along the service road

wide gc-1380553

Raindrops on flowers


Yuri ran 65 miles yesterday.  The most and the same as Ashprihanal


He now has 2662 miles and leads Ashprihanal by 21 miles


Self-Transcendence is eagerness in action…….Sri Chinmoy

yuri behind-1380773

Having fun


By the school


Ashprihanal starts day 41 with 2641 miles

ashprihanal board-1380631

He ran 65 miles


He is running very well today.


Service road


When it rains


Some complain and then others dance

misha camp-1380639

Atmavir did 42 miles


He now has 2587 miles.  He is 65 miles ahead of last year


The frogs are out this morning but we were short of Lilly pads

flower vasu-1380583

Vasu did 63 miles


He now has 2545 miles


He is looking very strong today

vasu behind-1380799

Far end of the course

flower vasu-1380535

“I believe I can in all confidence say.  That on days like this I would rather be a duck.”


Kaneenika did 55 miles


She now has 2457 miles


She needs to average 53 miles for the next 12 days


By the fence


Surasa did 52 miles


She now has 2387 miles




Baladev did 54 miles


He now has 2174 miles

baladev atmavir-1380609


flower final-1380540

Sopan did 45 miles.  He now has 2132 miles


Just enough


Stutisheel did 35 miles


he now has 2103 miles


Tree frog

flower tree-1380585

Ananda-Lahari did 53 miles.  He now has 2039 miles


Coming through camp

flower ananda-lahari-1380629


flower surasa-1380587

The rain moves off the coast early this afternoon

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.41.18 PM

“This is the 2nd time that I have been here.”

Edwige says that when she came previously to New York to visit that she knew nothing about the 3100 mile race before she came.

“It was really incredible.  It was a blessing for me to be here.”

“First I enjoy a very strong and powerful light.  I felt joy and I was always enthusiastic to come and sing.  It was incredible.”

Now that she has come again.  “I felt that it was a blessing to come and to sing every morning and to be able to encourage the runners and to be with the other disciples.”

“I felt that it was a really good thing for me and also I think for the people I will meet afterwards.”

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poem edwige-1380622

Edwige reads the Daily Poem

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Enthusiasm Awakeners


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The pride of the earthly race
And the joy of the Heavenly race
Have the same goal: self-transcendence.

Sri Chinmoy, Enthusiasm, part 8

flower final-1380588

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