July 2… Happiness Of My Soul

“People are asking me how am I doing, and how am I moving?  I tell them very well and I am also moving very well.”

“Because of my condition I cannot move very fast, but what I can do is focus on my consciousness.  So that I can do.  I can smile and be happy.”

5 days ago Volodymyr’s back was so bad he could not get up in the morning and come to the race and run.  A moment that could have easily spelled the abrupt end of his long time wish to come and run the 3100 mile race.

In the subtle way that small miracles often happen when you least expect them, Volodymyr was thrown a life line.  A consultation by Auyervadic Dr. Kumar revealed that it was his kidneys that were causing the problem and the problem was treatable, but would remain painful.


By the afternoon of his visit to the Doctor, Volodymyr was back on the track and managed to make 26 miles.

Subsequently he is now able to come back every day and walk.  Usually he makes mileage in the high 40’s.  His optimism that he might yet get back to running again a twinkling hope that he will not let extinguish.

“My kidney is not allowing me to go fast.  It is giving me pain.  I cannot go faster than I am going.  Because of this it makes me focus more on my soul.  And to try and find happiness within.”

“The pain is always there but it goes to the background and to the forefront comes out the true happiness of my soul.”

volody good-1260757

“Definitely being here is much better having this pain and this happiness here.  The pain came from my depression that I used to have.  Now it has manifested in this kidney and this is forcing me to find the true happiness inside of me.”

“I am extremely happy and grateful to be here.  Because here I am working on self healing, on self transformation.  Otherwise if I were in a different environment I would never have been able to create this experience in order to heal myself.”


“Here I am extremely happy even though my body is in extreme pain.  My mind, my vital, my heart, and my soul are truly happy that I am here.”

“So through the union of my soul, my heart, and my mind I am fixing my body.  Also with my oneness with Guru.”

“Guru is the personal aspect of God.  When I see Guru I see God.  So I here I can do this from morning until night.  As much aspiration as I have to do it.”

flower voldy-1290639

The most important thing in life

is not to win the race,

not even to run the race,

but to see God’s face

while sleeping, standing, and running

right in front of your own face.

Sri Chinmoy, Arise! Awake! Thoughts of a yogi, Frederick Fell, Inc., 1972

The board


The van arrives


Andy Cable from Connecticut has come for a visit and do some laps.  It is something he has done most years since 2006

pre andy-1290317

Baladev checking out the laps sheet.

pre baladev-1290334

Kaneenika getting ready

pre kaneenika-1290323

A Poem

pre poem-1290324

The ordinary human mind
Is a container.
You can fill it
With good thoughts
Or bad thoughts.
It is up to you.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 3, Agni Press, 1983

Ashprihanal with his shoes

pre ashprihanal-1290322

Start Day 14


First steps

first steps-1290341

Because of heavy rain yesterday afternoon most runners lost a lot of laps. Shoes are out by the fence this morning in order to dry.

vasu shoes-1290635

Vasu ran 65 miles yesterday he has 943 miles.


Only sun for today

flower gc-1290353

Atmavir did 63 miles


Atmavir has 915 miles


Just past the camp

flower yuri-1290632

Yuri did 65 miles.  He has 901 miles.


A drink waiting


“The way I see it you go away and give me a couple of hours with this in the shop.  We will have your back on the road by lunch time.”

squirrel mechanic-1290346

Ashprihanal did 60 miles


He has 873 miles




Angels everywhere

flower volody-1290530

Surasa did 64 miles


She has 843 miles


Just one fallen leaf

flower volody-1290399

Kaneenika did 64 miles


With Akbota

kaneenika akbot-1290625

Kaneenika has 824 miles

kaneenika behind-1290398

Back towards camp

flower kaneenika-1290397

Shamita did 60 miles


She has 805 miles


Into the sun


Turns out today is Dohai’s birthday.  The fact checkers are reexamining the mileage listed on his shirt.  They may need to add a few laps.


There in front

flower sopan-1290356

Sopan had 50 miles yesterday.


He has 776 miles


A beautiful morning

wide gc-1290348

Stutisheel had a good day with 65 miles.  He has 765 miles


Ananda-Lahari and Sopan

sopan ananda-lahari-1290618

“I am sorry.  Is this the picture you wanted flowers or did you want a squirrel?”


Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles.  He has 748 miles

ananda-lahari good-1290400

Baladev did 58 miles.  He has 746 miles


Past the tree

flower volody-1290541

Volodymyr did 45 miles and has 690 miles


The school

flower final-1290612

Saturday’s 2 mile race


Al Howie was an ultra running pioneer.  Just recently I received word of his passing and I wanted to share some thoughts of those who saw Al in person perform feats of tremendous endurance.  All at a time when 26 miles seemed a long long way to most.

al howie rupantar-1290320

Rupantar tells a story about a novice 6 day runner who approached Al one time before his first race hoping to get some tips.

“Al this is my first race do you have any advice?”

“On the first day 100 miles.”  The runner is surprised, but figures it must be good advice and so tries to run 100 miles.  He kills himself. He gets blisters and has a terrible race.

At the award ceremony he goes up to Al and says, “Before the race started I asked you for advice and you said I should run 100 miles.

Al said, “yes…. that is what I run.”

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“Al Howie, not to mention his athletic achievements was a great human being.  He took you not only at face value but at soul value and at heart value.”

al howie sahishnu-1290631

“He was so appreciative of Sri Chinmoy and all the ultra races over the years.  That stayed with him throughout his running career.  He always wanted to come and be a participant in our races.  He knew he would get something that he would necessarily find at other races.”

“He became the champion of the new boundaries.  When we had the 1300 mile race which was inaugurated in 1987, Al came in 1989.  He then became the first person to run 1300 miles in a certified race.”

al howie finishes _0

“He looked like a lion.

“He came back in 1991 and broke his record in such an extraordinary fashion.  He was just so happy.” This took place just after he had run across Canada.  “That was just feeding Al’s appetite for transcending his own capabilities.  This was a fantastic achievement.”

photo by Bhashwar
photo by Bhashwar

“He left an indelible legacy on Canadian ultra running and the world.”

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Andy reads the Daily Prayer

poem andy-1290613

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Poem Andy

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Happy is my heart,
Fulfilled is my life
When I soulfully appreciate
The beauty of creation.

 flower sun-1290355

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