Nothing Can Stay The Same

“Guru was in a white dhoti, and the whole background is kind of white. The blue carpet was giving a feel like the sea. Everything was white and blue.”

Adarini talks about one of my favorite photographs of Sri Chinmoy. It is a picture that she took just moments after he had given a concert at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. The air charged with energy as storm clouds are rolling in across the Potomac. Within minutes the rain will thunder down upon us.

Adarini july 88 Washington concert

Adarini july 88 Washington concert

I remember the moment very well because I was fortunate to have been there. But Adarini’s interpretation of this moment adds even more to this special memory. One now that took place nearly 30 years past.

“Guru at that time was walking back and forth. He said the had to walk back and forth 7 times in order to come down from this high plane that he was on.”

“The picture is not perfect. It is a little grainy. But the feeling you get from that picture is unbelievable. For me there is this peace and this vastness.”


Question: What is the spiritual significance of a photograph

Sri Chinmoy: A photograph is at once meaningful and fruitful. The inner life can be seen on the outer face. The inner reality can be visible on the face of the outer reality. The inner height can be measured by the outer eyes. The inner depth can be felt by the human heart. Each photograph, if it is taken from a higher plane of consciousness, leave behind a new hope, a new aspiration and a new realization for Mother Earth to cherish and treasure.

Sri Chinmoy, Flame-Waves, part 10, Agni Press, 1978

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