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  • June 17: Miracles and Monuments

    All the runners had gone home last night, except for one.  There were just a few minutes left before the curtain of midnight would descend over the course and even if you ran an extra lap it wouldn’t count.  I know he has done something like this before. but suddenly, much to the astonishment of […]

  • June 16: Do My Best Every Day

    Yesterday Pranjal passed a significant personal milestone that tells an awful lot about this incredible Slovakian runner and just why he has been so successful here at the 3100 mile race.  Yesterday it turns out was the 3rd anniversary of when he first started his, never miss a day, running streak. After completing the Self […]

  • June 15: Something Deeper Will Appear

    When one decides to run the 3100 mile race it quickly becomes apparent that from the moment you take your very first step here that suddenly you are entering a very public arena.  You may have trained for months alone on soft mountain trails and felt the sweet stillness of nature comforting you with its […]

  • June 14: I Have To Run

    Whenever we attempt to fully describe others we quickly begin to realize that each and every person is multifaceted.  That no one label can ever begin to adequately describe someone.  We are all composed of so many different qualities and capacities.  Most of us perhaps would like to picture ourselves in the, ‘jack of all […]

  • June 13: A New Life

    In many ways each time a runner participates in the 3100 mile race it is like they are starting a new life.  Even the most talented runner however really has no idea what this lifetime here will reveal to them.  One can hope for days filled with joy and satisfaction but like most lives this […]

  • June 12: It Touches The Whole World

    From time to time groups of people sometimes get concerned that life on earth is suddenly going to end.  They have it on good evidence, it would seem, that our world as we know it is just going to stop being.  I have of course no evidence to contradict any of these theories, but certainly […]

  • June 11: A Dream Come True

    Can you remember what it was like the night before you had a big exam at school.  That no matter how much you had prepared for it, you knew that the moment you sat down and you opened the test that it was going to be hard, very hard.  This is a crazy thought that […]

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