Start 10 Day Race 2019: I Must Challenge Myself

The board of course at the start of the day is empty

Budjargal will be wearing number 1

I had a chance to talk with him before the start

Tents are still going up

The phone never stops ringing

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Day Before 10 Day Race 2019: Tomorrow’s Perfection Will Come

A view of the camp with 24 hours to go before the start

Runners are arriving

Welcome back Huang Lan Yang and Wei Ming Lo and

The building of the camp is on schedule


Vasuprada’s tent

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6 and 10 Day Race 2019 Constructing the Village: Start With New Enthusiasm


How the village looked on Friday

Bipin the village architect

Rupantar the race director

One of the hazards of the job

Shamus setting up Arun’s tent

Doing it right so that it will be able to handle 10 days of sometimes harsh weather


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