Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2015

  • April 20th…A Perfect Day To Run

    The conditions at the race for most of last night and now, for most of the day, can only be gently described at best as challenging. For several million New Yorkers, April 20th rolled in as a cold and rainy day, accompanied by generous gusts of wind.  A day which glowered in grim contrast […]

  • April 19th….The 10 Day Race Starts

    Under the best of possible conditions the Self Transcendence 10 day race started. Before the start there was still lots of preparation going on.  Rimas sets up his tent. Budjargal from Mongolia is relaxing because soon he will be running Runners pick up their race numbers from Sahishnu. Others find time to relax in all […]

  • April 18th…. The Day Before The Start….”Feeling Young”

    An Interview with Manoshri Sykorova, who is running the 10 day race, her first multi day event. Like Manoshri, George Biondic is also running his first 10 day race, and by coincidence they both are from Canada.   George however is 62 years old.  He has nearly 30 years on her and was probably competing […]

  • 6 and 10 Day Race 2015…Set Up