Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2012

  • Day Eleven: A Total Journey

    We all can agree that when we come face to face with true adversity it will unfailing reveal some measure of who and what we are.  The world around us can quickly judge whether or not we strived hard or hid back some portion of our capacity but ultimately within we are the only true […]

  • Day Ten: All The Way To The Finish LIne

    We all have almost an infinite variety of choices glaring at us, and each of them  usually incessantly demands our undivided attention.  These may all be real options set out in front of the landscape of our lives or more often, little pestering thoughts that erupt out of some turbulent portion of or brains.  For […]

  • Day Nine: Reach My Goal

    Late every evening a silent alarm goes off inside of me somewhere and reminds me that I have simply have had enough activity for the day and it is time to shut things down for the night.  The are times when I can wrestle a few more hours out of the mechanism but generally my […]

  • Day Eight: The Next Dream

    Luis Rios is not the kind of guy who talks about himself very much.  So you really have to be up on these kind of things to even know that today is his birthday.  People at the 6 and 10 day race tend to be more aware of this special day because he has spent […]

  • Day Seven: The Supreme’s Own Plan

    “At first I thought, well it is just 6 days it is a bit more than half of a 10 day race.  But then (a loud pause)…., It is going to be fine.”  Jayasalini Abramovskhikh has been a fixture of the 10 day race here in Flushing Meadow for the past few years and simply […]

  • Day Six: Learn From The Experience

    “I came here thinking that I wanted to try new things.  I wanted to find challenges that I can’t overcome.  I am always looking to test my limits, and I was very excited about trying a multi day.  I have always been pretty comfortable in doing high mileage in training. In training for 100 mile […]

  • Day Five: Part of Something Greater

    Few first time visitors to New York would ever consider visiting a soggy windswept Flushing meadow park a priority, for even a minute, little alone spending 6 days here .  Yet starting from today, a 58 year old Scottish runner named William Sichel and his friend /support crew Allan, just might be carving out a […]

  • Day Four: What We Create Together

    “Obviously I haven’t become more clever or wiser since I am still doing a World Run.”  In the fall of 2005 I met Jesper Olsen for the first time as he was running across lower Manhattan.  At the time he was in the final weeks of a round the world run.  After a brief stop […]

  • Day Three: Top Of The Mountain

    “I came for the food.”  It is a statement I have heard many times over the years at the 6 &10 day race.  It of course may not be literally true, but for each runner who is being shadowed by doubt, or fatigue, or suffering from a unrelenting case of the the ‘blahs’ a trip […]

  • Day Two: I Always Had Hope

    It is certainly a most difficult thing to run a 10 day race and yet sometimes the journey just to get to the starting line can be longer and even more difficult.  Nidhruvi Zimmerman is now well into her second day on the course and she is running comfortably and confidently just as one would […]