Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2011

  • Day Two: Just Being Here

    20 miles into her first marathon she was not certain that she could even finish it.  If there was anything certain to Grete Waitz at that moment, on a cold October morning, was that most definitely she would never run a marathon again.  Yet she did in fact complete the race that day.  The second […]

  • Day One: “We Have To Have Faith”

    “I think it really helps running with people when you are in a low spot.  I just did a long race 5 days ago and I am really struggling.”  It may seem a little peculiar for an experienced multi day runner to be having a tough time just a few hours into a 10 race.  […]

  • Perfection’s Address

    It is decidedly an exclusive New York Address.  It is one in which there are many who would love to visit, but perhaps don’t have the very unique requirements to call it home.  A stay here is never permanent.  At the very best one can move in for just 10 days each spring.  For those […]