June 13 Tomorrow it Begins

groupIt is Saturday afternoon in New York and a group of friends are having some pizza.  As I watch these runners sitting here so calm and relaxed I am amazed.  This is the last time they will have the opportunity to partake of even such a simple pleasure as this.  Tomorrow their lives will change so dramatically it will be almost beyond recognition.  Tomorrow there will be no time for absolutely any form of leisure, there will be only thoughts of completing the next lap, and then the one after that.  Tomorrow these 13 runners will embark upon the longest race in the world, The Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.

purna-samarpanHe doesn’t remember when he first thought about running the 3100, but tomorrow he will really understand first hand the challenge of running the Self-Transcendence race.  Purna-Samarpan from Hamburg Germany is one of 2 first timers in this years race and up until now he has never been in a race longer than 6 days, which he did just over a year ago here in New York. Comments Pt 1

He says, “I got this feeling I should start it, but I am not really sure when.” When he first had the experience he felt that he was just too young to try.  When he looked at those who were doing the events they were all much older than him.  He instead focused at the time training for the Ironman event which he first did in 2002.Comments pt 2

In that same year he was also here in New York for the start of the 3100 mile race.  At that time he felt a strong impression that one day he would come back and participate himself.  In 2008 he felt that the urge to participate was growing stronger.  He applied but was not accepted and was happy purna-samarpan-3nonetheless.  Instead he would run the 6 day race that year and run 305 miles.  He says of it, “it was one of the best weeks of my life, I really enjoyed it a lot.”Comments pt 3

In January of 2009 he first got word that he was accepted for this years race and says, “I was kind of thrilled.”  He describes an inner experience he says that he felt came from his soul.  In preparation he has run 15 marathons just since the first of the year and 4 or 5 ultra races.

I ask him to explain how he understands the inner call, he says, “I think many people have the feeling but maybe they don’t know where it comes from or whether they should listen to it.”  About this race, “But I got a tremendous joy when I thought about doing the 3100.  Outwardly it might be a little hard but still I have the joy inside.”Comments pt 4

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3 runners
3 runners

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