Category: 3100 Mile Race 2021

  • Day 37: Transcend Myself

    Wei Ming officially joined the long distance club in 2005 when he participated in his first 100 km race.  It was something he says he didn’t expect after first running a marathon.  “I ran more than 4 hours.  I didn’t expect it would be so hard.  I didn’t realize that pacing was so important for […]

  • Day 36: We Help Each Other

    “Every day to some degree it feels like the job is being done for me.  And on the better days it really feels like the job is being done for me.” “On the not so good days it feels like ……either you can say I need to put in more effort.   But that real effort […]

  • Day 35: A Higher Source

    “What I see, is that quite often people learn theoretical aspects of praying and meditating. But here (3100 mile race ) it is all practical implementation.” “You test all your knowledge all your capacities.  Without meditation, without involving higher power, without relying on a higher source, it is just impossible to run so long.” Stutisheel […]

  • Day 34: Impossible Becomes Inevitable

    Over the past few days Andrea’s mileage has spiked.  Consistently in the 70 – 71 mile range it has gone up to two days in a row of 76 miles. “Yes it is a big jump.  I guess I am losing quite a bit of weight.  So I am getting lighter and lighter.  I feel […]

  • Day 33: Always Do My Best

    “The first time I came to the race was 2005,  but I came to the 700 mile race in 1999 or 2000.” Ananda-Lahari describes his immersion in multi day running not unlike diving into the deep end of a pool when you have barely learned how to swim. He was used to running on wooded […]

  • Day 32: To Have Peace

    “Running has been important to me my whole life.  But when I became a student of Sri Chinmoy it seemed running was very important to follow this path.” “Running became even more important when I started running long distance.” “You can find peace and tranquility while running  We can develop these inner qualities while running […]

  • Day 31: New Goal In My Life

    ” When I look at it from the stand point of that it took 26 days to complete half way It feels that it has passed so quickly.  But when I look closely at each day, the day feels like a whole month or even a year.” “Back in my university days my aim was […]

  • Day 30: Live In The Moment

    “I feel so much warmth here and the people are so nice.” “I qualified for the race and was invited.” “When I first arrived I thought that I would compete but now I no longer feel like a competitor.  Now I just want to be part of it.” When asked if the course felt like […]

  • Day 29: I Chose To Be Here

    “It definitely works it just depends on how totally sincerely you can do it.”  A week ago Harita started having some problems with a sore Achilles and I had heard that one of her solutions was to treat the issue with normal therapies but as well focus on her happiness. “Sri Chinmoy gave a lot […]

  • Day 28: Dare To Try

    “There is always something to learn, but I believe people need to be interested or have a connection to what they are watching.”  Stutisheel was referring to the possibility of people who are observing this race from far and wide can learn something about themselves and be inspired. “It is such an unfathomable race, an […]